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One Hundred Semesters:
My Adventures as Student, Professor, and University President, and What I Learned along the Way
William M. Chace

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Acknowledgments ix
Introduction 1
Chapter 1: I Knew Exactly What I Was Doing 6
Chapter 2: Haverford--the Guilty Reminder 11
Chapter 3: And All Will Be Well 22
Chapter 4: The Readiness Is All 35
Chapter 5: Berkeley: Thoroughly Unready 47
Chapter 6: The Discipline of Literature 57
Chapter 7: A New Kind of Proletariat 69
Chapter 8: Going South 77
Chapter 9: Reading in Jail 88
Chapter 10: Poetry and Politics 97
Chapter 11: The Storehouse of Knowledge 110
Chapter 12: Unfolding the Origami of Teaching 121
Chapter 13: Tenure and Its Discontents 134
Chapter 14: Tenure Tested 143
Chapter 15: Teaching and Its Discontents 153
Chapter 16: The English Department in Disarray 165
Chapter 17: Why Join the Administration? 177
Chapter 18: Exchanging Reflection for Action 188
Chapter 19: Diversity University 198
Chapter 20: Marching to a Different Drummer 208
Chapter 21: The Puzzle of Leadership 222
Chapter 22: Looking at Success; Looking at Failure 240
Chapter 23: Learning and Then Leaving 252
Chapter 24: A School with Aspirations 270
Chapter 25: Being a Proprietor 287
Chapter 26: Real Power and Imaginary Power 306
Chapter 27: "A King of Infinite Space" 327 Index 339

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File created: 11/11/2014

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