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The Historical Jesus in Context
Edited by Amy-Jill Levine, Dale C. Allison Jr., & John Dominic Crossan

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Princeton Readings in Religions v
Contributors ix
Introduction by Amy-Jill Levine 1

Chapter 1: Archaeological Contributions to the Study of Jesus and the Gospels by Jonathan L. Reed 40
Chapter 2: Josephus on John the Baptist and Other Jewish Prophets of Deliverance by Craig A. Evans 55
Chapter 3: Abba and Father: Imperial Theology in the Contexts of Jesus and the Gospels by Mary Rose D'Angelo 64
Chapter 4: Miraculous Conceptions and Births in Mediterranean Antiquity by Charles H. Talbert 79
Chapter 5: First and Second Enoch: A Cry against Oppression and the Promise of Deliverance by George W. E. Nickelsburg 87

Chapter 6: Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls by Peter Flint 110
Chapter 7: The Chreia by David B. Gowler 132
Chapter 8: The Galilean Charismatic and Rabbinic Piety: The Holy Man in the Talmudic Literature by Alan J. Avery-Peck 149
Chapter 9: Miracle Stories: The God Asclepius, the Pythagorean Philosophers, and the Roman Rulers by Wendy Cotter, C.S.J. 166
Chapter 10: The Mithras Liturgy by Marvin Meyer 179

Chapter 11: Apuleius of Madauros by Ian H. Henderson 193
Chapter 12: The Parable in the Hebrew Bible and Rabbinic Literature by Gary G. Porton 206
Chapter 13: The Aesop Tradition by Lawrence M. Wills 222
Chapter 14: Targum, Jesus, and the Gospels by Bruce Chilton 238
Chapter 15: The Psalms of Solomon by Joseph L. Trafton 256

Chapter 16: Moral and Ritual Purity by Jonathan Klawans 266
Chapter 17: Gospel and Talmud by Herbert W. Basser 285
Chapter 18: Philo of Alexandria by Gregory E. Sterling 296
Chapter 19: The Law of Roman Divorce in the Time of Christ by Thomas A. J. McGinn 309
Chapter 20: Associations in the Ancient World by John S. Kloppenborg 323

Chapter 21: Anointing Traditions by Teresa J. Hornsby 339
Chapter 22: The Passover Haggadah by Calum Carmichael 343
Chapter 23: Joseph and Aseneth: Food as an Identity Marker by Randall D. Chesnutt 357
Chapter 24: The Pliny and Trajan Correspondence by Bradley M. Peper and Mark DelCogliano 366
Chapter 25: Imitations of Greek Epic in the Gospels by Dennis R. MacDonald 372
Chapter 26: Narratives of Noble Death by Robert Doran 385
Chapter 27: Isaiah 53:1-12 (Septuagint) by Ben Witherington III 400
Chapter 28: Thallus on the Crucifixion by Dale C. Allison Jr. 405

Maps 407
Glossary 409
Index of Ancient Works 417
Index of Ancient Persons 435

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File created: 11/11/2014

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