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Jihad in Islamic History:
Doctrines and Practice
Michael Bonner

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Chapter 1 [HTML] or [PDF format]


List of Maps xi
Symbols and Accent Marks xiii
Preface xv

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction 1
What Is Jihad? 1
Just War and Holy War 4
Warfare and Jihad 6
Fields of Debate 10
Historiography and Origins 14
Readings 18

CHAPTER TWO: The Quran and Arabia 20
Combat in the Quran 21
Gift and Reciprocity 27
Fighting and Recompense 30
"The Beggar and the Warrior" 32
Readings 34

CHAPTER THREE: Muhammad and His Community 36
Sira and Maghazi: Sacred History 37
Hadith: The Norm 45
Themes of Jihad in the Hadith 49
Fighting with One's Money 51
Readings 54

CHAPTER FOUR: The Great Conquests 56
The Course of Conquest 58
Explanations 60
Approaches to the Islamic Sources 64
Approaches to the Non-Islamic Sources 67
Readings 71

CHAPTER FIVE: Martyrdom 72
Martyrdom before Islam 73
Martyrdom in Quran and Tradition 74
Contexts of Martyrdom in Islam 76
Martyrs and Neomartyrs 79
Readings 82

CHAPTER SIX: Encounter with the Other 84
Conquest Society and Fiscal Regime 84
Treatment of Non-Muslims 87
Abode of Islam, Abode of War 92
Convivencia 93
Readings 95

CHAPTER SEVEN: Embattled Scholars 97
Syria and the Byzantine Frontier 98
Arabia 102
Iraq: The Synthesis of al-Shafi"i 106
North Africa 108
Spain 111
Central Asia 112
The Embattled Scholars: Conclusions 114
Readings 116

CHAPTER EIGHT: Empires, Armies, and Frontiers 118
The Umayyad Caliphate: Imperial Jihad 119
Revolution and Jihad 124
The "Abbasid Caliphate and Its Military Crisis 127
Frontier Societies: Against Byzantium 131
Frontier Societies: Spain and North Africa 134
Ribat 136
The Crusades 137
Ottoman Origins 144
Corsairs in the Mediterranean 149
The Western Sudan 151
Empires, Armies, and Frontiers: Conclusions 153
Readings 155

CHAPTER NINE: Colonial Empire, Modern State, New Jihad 157
Resistance and Reform 157
Fundamentalism and Islamism 161
Readings 165

CHAPTER TEN: Conclusions 167
Bibliography 175
Index 191

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File created: 11/11/2014

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