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Women in the Middle East:
Past and Present
Nikki R. Keddie

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Introduction [HTML] or [PDF format]


List of Illustrations xi
Preface xiii

Introduction 1

BOOK ONE: Women in the Middle East: A History 7

Introduction: Issues in Studying Middle Eastern Women's History 9
I. Regional Background and the Beginnings of Islam 13
II. From the Pious Caliphs through the Dynastic Caliphates 26
III. From the Turkish and Mongol Invasions to 1798 48
IV. Change in the Long Nineteenth Century 1798-1914 60
V. 1914-45: Nationalism and Women's Movements 75
VI. 1945-Today: New States and Trends, Women's Activism, and the Rise of Islamism 102
Conclusion 166
Notes to Book One 171
Bibliography of Books 193

BOOK TWO: Approaches to the Study of Middle Eastern Women 201
Part 1. Shifting Boundaries in Sex and Gender 203
Part 2. Scholarship, Relativism, and Universalism 225
Part 3. Women in the Limelight: Recent Books on Middle Eastern Women's History since 1800 251
Part 4. Problems in the Study of Middle Eastern Women 279
Part 5. Sexuality and Shi?i Social Protest in Iran (coauthored with Parvin Paidar [Nahid Yeganeh]) 297

BOOK THREE: Autobiographical Recollections 325
Part 1. Autobiographical Interview 327
Part 2. Supplement to the Interview 347

Bibliography of Works by Nikki R. Keddie since 1995 355
Index 357

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File created: 11/1/2016

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