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Jewish Ireland in the Age of Joyce:
A Socioeconomic History
Cormac Ó Gráda

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Introduction [HTML] or [PDF format]


List of Illustrations and Tables ix
Acknowledgments xi


CHAPTER 1: Arrival and Context 9
Leaving Home: History and Memory 12
The Migration in Context 21

CHAPTER 2: "England-Ireland" and Dear Dirty Dublin 30
Mortality 33
Living Standards 40
Interwar Dublin 41
Water and Sanitation 42
The Jewish Community in Context 43

CHAPTER 3: "They Knew No Trade But Peddling" 45
The Weekly Men 47
The Old and the New Peddling 56
"The Jewman Moneylender" 61

CHAPTER 4: Self-Employment, Social Mobility 72
Artisans 72
Occupational Mobility 73
Immigrants as Entrepreneurs and Workers 84
Technical Appendix: More on Age and Occupational Choice in the United States 92

CHAPTER 5: Settling In 94
Housing and Settlement 94
Six Streets in Little Jerusalem 105
Within-Street Clustering 108
Cork and Belfast Jewries 115

CHAPTER 6: Schooling and Literacy 122

CHAPTER 7: The Demography of Irish Jewry 129
The 1911 Population Census 131
The Fertility Transition 134
Jewish and Gentile Fertility 136
Infant and Child Mortality 143
Mortality in Jewish Ireland 147
Culture Mattered 152
Technical Appendix: Accounting for the Variation in Fertility and Infant/Child Mortality 154

CHAPTER 8: Culture, Family, Health 160
Litvak Culture 164
Food, Drink, and Health 171
CHAPTER 9: Newcomer to Neighbor 178
In the Beginning 179
Remembering Limerick 191
Autobiographical Memory 194
Social Learning across Communities? 200
A Note on Litigation between Jews 202

CHAPTER 10: Ich Geh Fun "Ire"land 204
Religion 205
From Little Jerusalem to Rathgar and Beyond 206
Decline 209

APPENDIX 1: Letters to One of the Last "Weekly Men" 217
APPENDIX 2: Mr. Parnell Remembers 221
APPENDIX 3: Louis Hyman, Jessie Bloom, and The Jews of Ireland 224

Notes 229
Bibliography 271
Index 295

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File created: 4/21/2017

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