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Imperial Masochism:
British Fiction, Fantasy, and Social Class
John Kucich

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Acknowledgments ix
A Note on Texts xi

INTRODUCTION: Fantasy and Ideology 1

Masochism in Context 4
What Is Masochistic Fantasy? 17
Multiple Masochisms 28

CHAPTER ONE: Melancholy Magic: Robert Louis Stevenson's Evangelical Anti-Imperialism 31

Masochistic Splitting in the Scottish Novels 36
Evangelicalism: Pain Is Power 47
Rewriting Social Class at the Periphery: South Seas Tales 59
Racial Projections 72
Anti-Imperialist Euphoria in the Samoan Civil War 76
The Reversibility of Masochistic Politics 84

CHAPTER TWO: Olive Schreiner's Preoedipal Dreams: Feminism, Class, and the South African War 86

The Clash of Pleasure Economies in The Story of an African Farm 90
New Woman Feminism 96
The Regeneration of Middle-Class Culture 107
Fantasizing about the Boers 113
Domestic Middle-Class Identity and the War over the War 124
Feminist Masochism, Class Regeneration, and Critical Disavowal 129

CHAPTER THREE: Sadomasochism and the Magical Group: Kipling's Middle-Class Imperialism 136

Sadomasochism, Bullying, and Omnipotence in Stalky & Co. 140
Magical Groups: Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders 151
Kim: The Magical Group as Imperial Agent 160
Magical Professionals in the Short Fiction 168
Evangelicalism and Middle-Class Unilateralism 182
Class Hostility, Classlessness, and the Magical Middle Class 188

CHAPTER FOUR: The Masochism of the Craft: Conrad's Imperial Professionalism 196

Varieties of Colonial Omnipotence 200
"In the Destructive Element Immerse" 210
Empathy as a Narcissistic Disorder 216
Class Magic and Class Melancholia 223
Professional Redemption 235
Masochistic Imperialism 244

Index 253

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File created: 11/1/2016

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