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Global "Body Shopping":
An Indian Labor System in the Information Technology Industry
Xiang Biao

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Introduction [HTML] or [PDF format]


List of Illustrations, Tables, Boxes vii
Acronyms ix
Prologue: A Stranger's Adventure xiii
Acknowledgments xxi

Introduction 1

Body Shopping: Brief Overview 4
Ethnicization, Individualization, and Transnationalization 7
Structure of the Book 11
Chapter 1 The Global Niche for Body Shopping 13
"Financial Democracy" and the Virtual Shortage of IT Labor 14
War for IT Talent and Wall of Regulation 19

Chapter 2: Producing "IT People" in Andhra 24

"D-Shops" and "T-Shops" 26
"Have Lands in Andhra, Have a House in Hyderabad, and Have a Job in America" 30
Producing IT People as a Family Business 34

Chapter 3: Selling "Bodies" and Selling Jobs 39

Fee-Paying Workers and Body Shops in Hyderabad 43
India as the Nexus of Global Body Shopping 48

Chapter 4: Business of "Branded Labor" in Sydney 53

"Marketing and Development Are Totally Different Stories" 57
"Only Indians Can Handle Indians" 59
Overlapping Businesses 62
Same Roof, Different Hats 65

Chapter 5: Agent Chains and Benching 70

Differentiated Circles 75
"Indians Are the Most Dangerous Ones!" 77
Overbooking Seats on the Bench 80

Chapter 6: Compliant Bodies? 82

Interlocks between Body Shops and Community Associations 86
Workers as Intermediaries 90
Relations among Workers: Support Yes, Solidarity No 92
The Way Out 97

Chapter 7: The World System of Body Shopping 100

The United States of America: "Mecca for IT People" 102
Global Gateways: Singapore, Malaysia, and the Middle East 104
U.S. Satellites: The Caribbean and Latin America 107
New Frontiers: "Sind Sie Inder?" and "Is There a German Dream?" 108
Ending Remarks The "Indian Triangle" in the Global IT Industry 110

Appendix: Essay The Remembered Fieldwork Sites: Impressions and Images 117
Biographical Index of Informants 129
Notes 149
References 167
Index 173

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File created: 11/11/2014

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