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Religion and the Constitution:
Volume I: Free Exercise and Fairness
Kent Greenawalt

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Preface ix

CHAPTER 1: Introduction 1
CHAPTER 2: History and Doctrine 11
CHAPTER 3: Freedom from Compelled Profession of Belief, Adverse Targeting, and Discrimination 35
CHAPTER 4: Conscientious Objection to Military Service 49
CHAPTER 5: Religious Exemptions and Drug Use 68
CHAPTER 6: Free Exercise Objections to Educational Requirements 86

CHAPTER 7: Sincerity 109
CHAPTER 8: Saying What Counts as Religious 124
CHAPTER 9: Controlled Environments: Military and Prison Life 157
CHAPTER 10: Indirect Impingements: Unemployment Compensation 172
CHAPTER 11: Sunday Closing Laws and Sabbatarian
Business Owners 184
CHAPTER 12: Government Development of Sacred Property 192

CHAPTER 13: Difficult Determinations: Burden and
Government Interest 201
CHAPTER 14: Land Development and Regulation 233
CHAPTER 15: Confidential Communications with Clergy 246
CHAPTER 16: Settling Disputes over Church Property 261
CHAPTER 17: Wrongs and Rights of Religious Association: The
Limits of Tort Liability for Religious Groups and
Their Leaders 290
CHAPTER 18: Employment Relations: Ordinary Discrimination
and Accommodation 326
CHAPTER 19: Employment Relations: Harassment 359

CHAPTER 20: Rights of Religious Associations: Selectivity 377
CHAPTER 21: Medical Procedures 396
CHAPTER 22: Child Custody 421
CHAPTER 23: Conclusion (and Introduction) 439

Index 445

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File created: 4/27/2015

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