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Judges and Their Audiences:
A Perspective on Judicial Behavior
Lawrence Baum

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List of Tables ix
Preface xi
Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter 1: Thinking about Judicial Behavior 1
Models of Judicial Behavior 5
Shared Assumptions: The Judge as Mr. Spock 9
Limitations of the Dominant Models 19
Audience as a Perspective 21

Chapter 2: Judging as Self-Presentation 25
People and Their Audiences 25
Judicial Self-Presentation: A First Look 32
Audiences and Judicial Behavior 43

Chapter 3: Court Colleagues, the Public, and the Other Branches of Government 50
Court Colleagues 50
The General Public 60
The Other Branches 72
Conclusions 85

Chapter 4: Social and Professional Groups 88
Social Groups 88
Professional Groups: Lawyers and Judges 97
Conclusions 116

Chapter 5: Policy Groups, the News Media, and the Greenhouse Effect 118
Policy Groups 118
The News Media 135
A Greenhouse Effect? 139
Conclusions 155
Appendix: Procedures for Analysis of Voting Change by Supreme Court Justices 155

Chapter 6: Implications for the Study of Judicial Behavior 158
Motivational Bases for the Dominant Models 158
Departures from the Dominant Models 162
Probing the Impact of Judicial Audiences 171
Some Final Thoughts 174

References 177
Name Index 221
Subject and Case Index 229

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File created: 10/23/2013

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