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The New Industrial State
John Kenneth Galbraith
With a new introduction by Sean Wilentz
A new foreword by James K. Galbraith

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General Editor's Introduction ix
Foreword by James K. Galbraith xi
Acknowledgments xxv
Introduction to the Fourth Edition xxvii
Chapter 1: Change and the Planning System 1
Chapter 2: The Imperatives of Technology 13
Chapter 3: The Nature of Industrial Planning 25
Chapter 4: Planning and the Supply of Capital 42
Chapter 5: Capital and Power 56
Chapter 6: The Technostructure 73
Chapter 7: The Corporation 89
Chapter 8: The Entrepreneur and the Technostructure 108
Chapter 9: A Digression on the Firm under Socialism 123
Chapter 10: The Approved Contradiction 138
Chapter 11: The General Theory of Motivation 162
Chapter 12: Motivation in Perspective 176
Chapter 13: Motivation and the Technostructure 186
Chapter 14: The Principle of Consistency 199
Chapter 15: The Goals of the Planning System 207
Chapter 16: Prices in the Planning System 223
Chapter 17: Prices in the Planning System (Continued) 235
Chapter 18: The Management of Specific Demand 245
Chapter 19: The Revised Sequence 263
Chapter 20: The Regulation of Aggregate Demand 273
Chapter 21: The Nature of Employment and Unemployment 289
Chapter 22: The Control of the Wage-Price Spiral 305
Chapter 23: The Planning System and the Union I 322
Chapter 24: The Planning System and the Union II 337
Chapter 25: The Educational and Scientific Estate 347
Chapter 26: The Planning System and the State I 365
Chapter 27: The Planning System and the State II 377
Chapter 28: A Further Summary 390
Chapter 29: The Planning System and the Arms Race 398
Chapter 30: The Further Dimensions 419
Chapter 31: The Planning Lacunae 432
Chapter 32: Of Toil 443
Chapter 33: Education and Emancipation 452
Chapter 34: The Political Lead 462
Chapter 35: The Future of the Planning System 473
An Addendum on Economic Method and the Nature of Social Argument 489
Index 503

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File created: 4/21/2017

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