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Barriers to Democracy:
The Other Side of Social Capital in Palestine and the Arab World
Amaney A. Jamal

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List of Illustrations ix
Preface xi
Note to the Reader xiii

Chapter One: Introduction: Democratic Outcomes and Associational Life 1
Associations in Western Democratic Contexts 3
Associational Life in Palestine 10
The Associational Puzzle 13
Clientelism and Patronage 14

Chapter Two: Associational Life in the Centralized Authoritarian Context of the West Bank 21
The Failure of Oslo, PNA Corruption, and Democracy 22
Political Contextual Difference and Associational Life 25
The Polarization of Associational Life in the West Bank: Historical Overview 26
Palestinian Political and Civil Life under Occupation 31
Associational Life Post-Oslo 36
Corruption, Patronage, Clientelism, and the PNA 41
The PNA and the PLC 43
Rule of Law, the Judiciary, and the PNA 45
Associational Life and PNA Corruption 47
Conclusion 49

Chapter Three: The Polarization of Palestinian Associational Life 50
The Palestinian Associational Terrain 51
Factionalism 58
The Peace Process with Israel and the Realities Associated with Oslo 61
Donor Monies 66
Conclusion 74

Chapter Four: Trust, Engagement, and Democracy 77
The Polarization of Palestinian Civil Society 79
Association Membership and Support for the PNA 83
Examining Interpersonal Trust and Civic Engagement 85
The Associational Landscape 89
A Note on Self-selection and Causality 93
Conclusion 94

Chapter Five: Beyond Palestine: Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt 96
Trust and Associational Life in Morocco 98
Consolidating the Moroccan Monarchy: A Historical Overview 101
Solidifying Authoritarianism or Political Liberalization 104
Historical Patterns: The Evolution of Associational Life 107
Associations and the Regime 109
Political Parties and the Moroccan Regime 111
The Media 113
Civic Attitudes and Associational Realities in Morocco 115
Beyond Palestine and Morocco: Jordan and Egypt 115
Associational Life in Jordan and Egypt 119
Civil Society and Polarization 121
Conclusion 125

Chapter Six: Conclusion:Toward a Theory of Democratic Citizenship in State-Centralized Nations 127
Interpersonal Trust and Associational Realities in the West Bank 127
Civic Engagement, Support for Democratic Institutions, and Associational Realities in the West Bank 131
Civic Engagement and Interpersonal Trust among Association Members 133
The Art of Association 135
A Note about Democratization 137

Appendixes 139
Appendix A: Survey Questions and Coding of Association Members 141
Appendix B: Survey Questions and Coding of General Palestinian Population 147
Appendix C: Survey Questions and Coding of General Moroccan Population (World Values Survey Questions) 150

Bibliography 153
Index 165

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File created: 4/21/2017

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