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Modern Political Science:
Anglo-American Exchanges since 1880
Edited by Robert Adcock, Mark Bevir & Shannon C. Stimson

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Acknowledgments vii

List of Contributors ix

Chapter One: A History of Political Science: How? What? Why? Robert Adcock, Mark Bevir, and Shannon C. Stimson 1
Chapter Two: Anglo-American Political Science, 1880-1920 Dorothy Ross 18
Chapter Three: The Origins of a Historical Political Science in Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain Sandra M. den Otter 37
Chapter Four: The Historical Science(s) of Politics: The Principles, Association, and Fate of an American Discipline James Farr 66
Chapter Five: The Emergence of an Embryonic Discipline: British Politics without Political Scientists Dennis Kavanagh 97
Chapter Six: A Tale of Two Charlies: Political Science, History, and Civic Reform, 1890-1940 Mark C. Smith 118
Chapter Seven: Making Democracy Safe for the World: Political Science between the Wars John G. Gunnell 137
Chapter Eight: Birth of a Discipline: Interpreting British Political Studies in the 1950s and 1960s Michael Kenny 158
Chapter Nine: Interpreting Behavioralism Robert Adcock 180
Chapter Ten: The Remaking of Political Theory Robert Adcock and Mark Bevir 209
Chapter Eleven: Traditions of Political Science in Contemporary Britain Mark Bevir and R.A.W. Rhodes 234
Chapter Twelve: Historicizing the New Institutionalism(s) Robert Adcock, Mark Bevir, and Shannon C. Stimson 259
Chapter Thirteen: Institutionalism and the Third Way Mark Bevir 290
Bibliography 313
Index 349

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File created: 4/21/2017

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