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Services and Employment:
Explaining the U.S.-European Gap
Edited by Mary Gregory, Wiemer Salverda & Ronald Schettkat

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Preface vii
Contributors ix
Introduction by Mary Gregory, Wiemer Salverda, and Ronald Schettkat 1
Chapter 1: The U.S.-European Gap in Service Employment and Demand: The Research Agenda by Wiemer Salverda and Ronald Schettkat 15
Chapter 2: Reflections on the Rise of Service Sector Employment by Victor R. Fuchs 42
Chapter 3: On Mechanisms Underlying the Growing Share of Service Employment in the Industrialized Economies by William J. Baumol 63
Chapter 4: Do Demand Differences Cause the U.S.-European Employment Gap? by Mary Gregory and Giovanni Russo 81
Chapter 5: Comparative Service Consumption in Six Countries by Adriaan S. Kalwij and Stephen Machin with Laura Blow, Marijke van Deelen, François Gardes, Maria-José Luengo-Prado, Javier Ruiz-Castillo, John Schmitt, and Christophe Starzec 109
Chapter 6: Employment Differences in Distribution: Wages, Productivity, and Demand by Andrew Glyn, Joachim Möller, Wiemer Salverda, John Schmitt, and Michel Sollogoub 141
Chapter 7: Why Was Europe Left at the Station When America's Productivity Locomotive Departed? by Robert J. Gordon 176
Chapter 8: Can Marketization of Household Production Explain the Jobs Gap Puzzle? by Richard B. Freeman 198
Chapter 9: Service Included? Services and the U.S.-European Employment Gap by Mary Gregory, Wiemer Salverda, and Ronald Schettkat 217
Bibliography 231
List of DEMPATEM Working Papers 241
Index 243

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File created: 11/11/2014

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