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The Complete Works of W. H. Auden, Volume III:
Prose: 1949-1955
W. H. Auden
Edited by Edward Mendelson

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Preface ix
Acknowledgements xi
Introduction xiii
The Text of This Edition xxxv

The Enchafèd Flood 1


A Note on Graham Greene 95
In Memoriam [Theodore Spencer] 96
Port and Nuts with the Eliots 97
The Question of the Pound Award 101
Introductions to Poets of the English Language 103
Sixty-Six Sestets 154
Notebooks of Somerset Maugham 156
Firbank Revisited 159
Nature, History and Poetry [1949] 161
Then and Now: 1935-1950 164
Jean Cocteau 168
Religion and the Intellectuals: A Symposium 170
Introduction to Red Ribbon on a White Horse, by Anzia Yezierska 177
A Playboy of the Western World: St Oscar, the Homintern Martyr 184
Of Poetry in Troubled Greece 188
A Guidebook for All Good Counter-Revolutionaries 190
The Score and Scale of Berlioz 193
The Things Which Are Caesar's 196
A That There Sort of Writer 210
Introduction to Selected Prose and Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe 215
Foreword to A Change of World, by Adrienne Cecile Rich 224
Nature, History and Poetry [1950] 226
Young Boswell 233
Some December Books Chosen for the Trade Book Clinic 237
In an Age Like Ours, the Artist Works in a State of Siege 240
Aeneid for Our Time 242
Address to the Indian Congress for Cultural Freedom 246
Some Reflections on Opera as a Medium 250
The Philosophy of a Lunatic 255
Eliot on Eliot 257
Foreword to A Mask for Janus, by W. S. Merwin 259
Keats in His Letters 262
A Review of Short Novels of Colette 267
The World That Books Have Made 270
Portrait of a Whig 273
Introduction to The Living Thoughts of Kierkegaard 285
Some Reflections on Music and Opera 296
The Adult Voice of America 302
While the Oboes Came Up, the Bagpipes Went Down 305
Notes on the Comic 307
Our Italy 319
[Hic et Ille] 323
Keeping the Oriflamme Burning 335
Sigmund Freud 340
Foreword to Various Jangling Keys, by Edgar Bogardus 344
Foreword to The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole, by Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo 347
The Rake's Progress 351
T. S. Eliot So Far 352
Two Sides to a Thorny Problem 356
Cav & Pag 358
Through the Collar-Bone of a Hare 364
Transplanted Englishman Views U.S. 369
Verga's Place 374
Zahl und Gesicht 377
Huck and Oliver 378
Selected Essays of T. S. Eliot 382
The Greatness of Freud 385
Translation and Tradition 388
Speaking of Books 391
Ballet's Present Eden 393
Foreword to An Armada of Thirty Whales, by Daniel G. Hoffman 396
Words and Music 399
A Message from W. H. Auden [on Dylan Thomas] 407
A Contemporary Epic 407
The Man Who Wrote Alice 413
Handbook to Antiquity 416
A Consciousness of Reality 419
The Word and the Machine 425
A European View of Peace 427
England: Six Unexpected Days 431
Introduction to An Elizabethan Song Book, by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman 435
Balaam and the Ass 444
The Freud-Fliess Letters 472
Introduction to The Visionary Novels of George Macdonald 477
How Cruel Is April? 481
Holding the Mirror Up to History 483
The Hero Is a Hobbit 489
A World Imaginary, but Real 491
The Private Diaries of Stendhal (1801-1814) 494
Fog in the Mediterranean 498
The Pool of Narcissus 502
Introduction to The Faber Book of Modern American Verse 506
"I Am of Ireland" 514
[A Tribute to Paul Claudel] 521
Authority in America 521
Am I That I Am? 527
Man before Myth 532
The Dyer's Hand 536
Qui é l'uom' felice 569
Speaking of Books 571
[Contribution to Modern Canterbury Pilgrims] 573
Foreword to Some Trees, by John Ashbery 580
Bile and Brotherhood 584
L'Homme d'Esprit 590
The History of an Historian 596
A Self-Policing People 602
Reflections on The Magic Flute 604
Putting It in English 609

E. M. Forster 613
A Lecture in a College Course 614
An Endorsement 614

I Record Sleeves and Program Notes 617
II Auden as Anthologist and Editor 622
III Public Lectures and Courses 636
IV Endorsements and Citations 674
V Auden on the Air 675
VI Public Letters Signed by Auden and Others 694
VII Lost and Unwritten Work 698

The Enchafèd Flood 703
Essays and Reviews, 1949-1955 708

Index of Titles and Books Reviewed 777

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File created: 4/21/2017

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