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Electric Salome:
Loie Fuller's Performance of Modernism
Rhonda K. Garelick

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations ix
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1

Chapter One: The Evolution of Fuller's Performance Aesthetic 19
Early Years: Awareness and Unconsciousness 20
The Evolution of a European Modernist 32

Chapter Two: Electric Salome: Loie Fuller at the World's Fair of 1900 63
A Handsome Savage 63
The World's Fair of 1900 68
Queen of the Fair 78
Mutable Geography and Adopted Nationality 86
Salome 90
Fuller's Japanese Costars at the Fair 103
A Yankee Salome on the Rue de Paris 106
The New Colonial Power: The United States at the World's Fair 111
A Vision of America to Come 114

Chapter Three: Fuller and the Romantic Ballet 118
Yankees Don't Do Ballet 118
Romantic Ballet: Sprites, Swans, and Windup Toys 125
Fuller: The Accidental Sylph 130
Technical Developments 134
Fuller, Hoffmann, and the Technologized Body 139
Coppélia and the Romantic Ballet Couple 144
Ambivalent Ballet: Fuller's Figurative and Literal
Performance of Disavowal 150
A Balletic Dream of Modernism 153

Chapter Four: Scarring the Air: Loie Fuller's Bodily Moderism 156
Fuller's Invisibility: Modernist Physicality, Sex, and Cultural Legacy 156
Fleur du Sang: Fuller's Violent and Erotic Physicality 162
The Erotic Fuller 166
The Scandalous Ballets Loie Fuller 171
Instinct, Nature, and Versions of Interiority 176
The Mechanics of the Group 179
The Triumph of La Mer 182
Martha Graham's Lamentation 190
Fuller in a New Light 194
The Physical Analogue of the Psychological 196

Chapter Five: Of Veils and Onion Skins: Fuller and Modern European Drama 200
Radical Mechanicity 200
Character and Identity 203
Tristan Tzara's Mouchoir de Nuages 214
Tzara's Hamlet 218
Reading the Clouds: Shakespeare, Freud, and Fuller 220

Thoughts on Contemporary Traces of Fuller 224
Selected Bibliography 231
Index 241

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File created: 4/21/2017

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