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The State of Speech:
Rhetoric and Political Thought in Ancient Rome
Joy Connolly

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Acknowledgments xi
Abbreviations used xiii
Introduction: Rhetoric and political thought 1

Chapter One: Founding the state of speech 23
Politics in public 30
Ideology and power 38
Expressions of traditional authority 47
The rhetoric of equality 56
The rationalized republic 65

Chapter Two: Naturalized citizens 77
The nature of republics 82
Introducing the problem: The Ciceronian preface 89
Rome, naturally 104
Hybridity 113

Chapter Three: The body politic 118
The problem with philosophers 121
The corporeal citizen 130
A theory of political communication 137
An alternative history of the self 148
Fragility 151

Chapter Four: The aesthetics of virtue 158
The problem of liberty 158
The republic of passions 163
Decorum: Enactment of civic love 169
Catullus's republican rhetoric 175
Oratory and liberty, decorum and consent 185
Falling in love with the law 191

Chapter Five: Republican theater 198
Being and seeming 200
The civic stage 211
Women and speech 214
The best orator 223
The terrors of collectivity 231

Chapter Six: Imperial reenactments 237
Replay and parody 239
Reading resistance in Augustan declamation 242
Quintilian: A republican education for autocracy 254
Conclusion: The Ciceronian citizen in a global world 262

Bibliography 275
Ancient sources 293
Index 295

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File created: 4/21/2017

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