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Concealment and Revelation:
Esotericism in Jewish Thought and its Philosophical Implications
Moshe Halbertal
Translated by Jackie Feldman

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Acknowledgments ix
A Note on Editions Used xi
Introduction 1
Chapter 1: The Paradox of Esotericism: "And Not on the Chariot Alone" 8
Chapter 2: The Hidden and the Sublime: Vision and Restriction in the Bible and in Talmudic Literature 13
Chapter 3: The Ethics of Gazing: The Attitude of Early Jewish Mysticism Toward Seeing the Chariot 18
Chapter 4: Concealment and Power: Magic and Esotericism in the Hekhalot Literature 28
Chapter 5: Esotericism and Commentary: Ibn Ezra and the Exegetical Layer 34
Chapter 6: Concealment and Heresy: Astrology and the Secret of the Torah 44
Chapter 7: Double Language and the Divided Public in Guide of the Perplexed 49
Chapter 8: The Breaching of the Limits of the Esoteric: Concealment and Disclosure in Maimonidean Esotericism 60
Chapter 9: From Transmission to Writing: Hinting, Leaking, and Orthodoxy in Early Kabbalah 69
Chapter 10: Open Knowledge and Closed Knowledge: The Kabbalists of Gerona-Rabbi Azriel and Rabbi Ya'akov bar Sheshet 77
Chapter 11: Tradition, Closed Knowledge, and the Esoteric: Secrecy and Hinting in Nahmanides' Kabbalah 83
Chapter 12: From Tradition to Literature: Shem Tov Ibn Gaon and the Critique of Kabbalistic Literature 93
Chapter 13: "The Widening of the Apertures of the Showpiece": Shmuel Ibn Tibon and the End of the Era of Esotericism 105
Chapter 14: Esotericism, Sermons, and Curricula: Ya'akov Anatoli and the Dissemination of the Secret 114
Chapter 15: The Ambivalence of Secrecy: The Dispute over Philosophy in the Early Fourteenth Century 120
Chapter 16: Esotericism, Discontent, and Co-Existence 135
Chapter 17: Taxonomy and Paradoxes of Esotericism: Conceptual Conclusion 142
Notes 169
Index 191

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File created: 4/21/2017

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