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The Idea of Greater Britain:
Empire and the Future of World Order, 1860-1900
Duncan Bell

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Acknowledgments ix
Abbreviations xi

Chapter 1: Introduction: Building Greater Britain 1
The Boundaries of Imperial Discourse: Imagining Greater Britain 3
Greater Britain and Imperial Federation: Variations on a Theme 12
Empire and Ideology 20
Outline of the Book 25

Chapter 2: Global Competition and Democracy 31
Balances of Power: Global Threats and Imperial Responses 35
Democracy and the Moral Economy of Empire 40
Emigration and the Social Question 46
Radical Visions of Greater Britain 55

Chapter 3: Time, Space, Empire 63
"The Eternal Law": Empire and the Vicissitudes of Distance 66
Nature in Flux, c. 1830-1870 74
Imperial Political Thought in the Age of Scientific Utopianism, c. 1870-1900 81
Remaking the Global Political Imagination 89

Chapter 4: Empire, Nation, State 92
The Turn to Federalism 93
Statehood and Empire 98
J. R. Seeley and the "World-State" 108
Race and Nation 113

Chapter 5: The Politics of the Constitution 120
The Virtues of Vagueness 122
Imperial Patriotism and the Constitution 128
Civic Imperialism 137
J. A. Froude and the "Commonwealth of Oceana" 143

Chapter 6: The Apostle of Unity 150
The Love of Humanity: Toward a New "Political Religion" 152
The Political Theology of Nationalist Cosmopolitanism 158
The Darkening of an English Mind 164
On the Necessity of Imperial Federation 168
The Ambiguities of Unity: India and Ireland 171

Chapter 7: The Prophet of Righteousness 179
Colonial Emancipation and the "Glorious Future" of the Anglo-Saxon Race 181
Empire and Character 188
Religion and Liberty 193
India, Ireland, and the Necessity of Despotism 202

Chapter 8: From Ancient to Modern 207
The Functions of the Ancients 210
The End of Empire: Two Models 217
On Novelty 226
Back to the Future 229

Chapter 9: Envisioning America 231
The Model of the Future: America as Template 235
Size Matters: America as Competitor 238
Peace and Justice: The Benefits of Hegemony 247
Through a Glass, Darkly: America as Lesson 250
America, Empire, and Racial Unity 254

Chapter 10: Conclusion: Lineages of Greater Britain 260
Global Consciousness and the Imperial Imagination 260
Reverberations: Some Afterlives of Greater Britain 266

Select Bibliography 273
Index 313

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File created: 11/11/2014

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