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Vatican II:
A Sociological Analysis of Religious Change
Melissa J. Wilde

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List of Tables and Figures xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1
What Does Not Explain the Council 4

Part I: Explaining the Council 5

Part II: The Case Studies 8
The Data 9

Part I: Explaining the Council 11

Chapter One: Collective Effervescence and the Holy Spirit: The Eventful First Session 13
Eventful Sociology and Vatican II 14
Trying to Ensure a Rubber-Stamp Council: The Curia on the Eve of Vatican II 16
The Chain of Occurrences 17
The Effects: Collective Effervescence and the Holy Spirit 22
Conservatives: Waiting for the Holy Spirit 26
Conclusion: The Transformation of Structures 27

Chapter Two: Who Wanted What and Why at the Second Vatican Council? Toward a Theory of Religious Change 29
Measuring Organizational Strategies 30
The Four Groups of Bishops and Their Votes 32
Theories of Religious Competition 42
Theories of Institutional Legitimacy and Organizational Change 45
Combining Theories 47
The Ecumenical Movement 51
Conclusion: Competition from the Perspective of the Competitors 55

Chapter Three: How Culture Mattered at Vatican II: Collegiality Trumps Authority in the Council's "Social Movement Organizations" 57
Organizational Effectiveness and Culture at Vatican II 58
Competing Views of Authority in the Roman Catholic Church 59
The DM's Belief in Collegiality 61
The CIP's Suspicions about Collegiality 62
The Domus Mariae 63
The Coetus Internationalis Patrum 68
Tactics in Common: Petitions, Votes, and the Modi 74
Conclusion: Institutional Rules, Models of Authority, Semi-Marginality, and Organizational Effectiveness 77

Part II: The Case Studies 83

Chapter Four: The Declaration on Religious Freedom: Ceding Power, Gaining Legitimacy 85
Critiques of Hypocrisy: Illegitimacy before the Council 86
Roman Catholic Reactions 88
The Story of Reform 91
Conclusion: The Power of Legitimacy 100

Chapter Five: The Blessed Virgin Mary: The Toughest Fight of the Council 102
Catholic and Protestant Views of Mary 103
The First Session 104
The Second Session: The Closest Vote of the Council 105
The Third Session and More Controversy 110
Conclusion: Mary's Deaccentuation 114

Chapter Six: The Council's Failure to Liberalize Birth Control: Lackluster Progressive Effort Meets a Hesitant Pope 116
Christianity's Varied Stances on Birth Control 117
Pressure to Change 119
Deliberations on Birth Control during the Council 121
Conclusion: The Cost to Religious Authority 124
Rethinking the Council 126

Appendix A: Abbreviations of Primary Sources 129
Appendix B: Methodological Information 131
Votes from the Second Vatican Council 131
Caporale's Sample 132
Members of the Domus Mariae 133
The Dutch Documentation Center (DOC) 136
Analysis of the Ecumenical Review 137
Communism and the Council 137
Appendix C: Timeline of the Second Vatican Council 140

Notes 143
References 175
Index 191

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File created: 4/21/2017

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