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Gender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory
Nancy J. Hirschmann

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Acknowledgments ix

INTRODUCTION: Gender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory 1
Negative and Positive Liberty in the Western Canon 2
The Social Construction of Freedom 13
The Gender Politics of Freedom 21

CHAPTER ONE: Thomas Hobbes: Desire and Rationality 29
The Will to Freedom 30
Freedom and Obligation: From Choice to Contract 35
Warrior Women, Invisible Wives 44
Natural Freedom, Civil Contract 49
The Social Construction of Freedom 63
The Containment of Difference 70
Conclusion 77

CHAPTER TWO: John Locke: Freedom, Reason, and the Education of Citizen-Subjects 79
The Role of Reason 80
Nature versus Nurture: The Role of Education 87
The Gendered Property of Freedom 91
Consent, Choice, and a Two-Tiered Conception of Freedom 99
The Construction of Individuality, the Discipline of Freedom 106
Conclusion 115

CHAPTER THREE: Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Force, Freedom, and Family 118
Rousseau's Three Kinds of Freedom 119
Politics and the Will 125
Education, Will, and the Social Construction of Citizens 133
Gender, Education, and Virtue 138
Julie, or The Woman as Model Citizen 152
Gender, Passion, and Politics 161
Conclusion 166

CHAPTER FOUR: Immanuel Kant: The Inner World of Freedom 168
Transcendence and Phenomena 169
Ethics and Politics 178
Class, Education, and Social Construction 188
Sexual Constructions 195
Conclusion 207

CHAPTER FIVE: John Stuart Mill: Utility, Democracy, Equality 213
The "Two Mills" 216
Internal and External Realms 223
The Will to Utility 229
Democracy, Class, and Gender 238
The Class of Education 249
Politics, Participation, and Power 260
Conclusion 266

CONCLUSION: Rethinking Freedom in the Canon 274
Freedom in Its Two Forms 274
Gender, Class, and Berlin's Typology 281
The Social Construction of Freedom 287

Notes 291
References 317
Index 331

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File created: 4/21/2017

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