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The Global Circulation of the Atmosphere
Edited by Tapio Schneider & Adam H. Sobel
Foreword by Edward N. Lorenz

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Foreword by Edward N. Lorenz vii
Preface xi
Chapter 1: Progress and Problems in Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics by Isaac M. Held 1
Chapter 2: Theories of Baroclinic Adjustment and Eddy Equilibration by Pablo Zurita-Gotor and Richard S. Lindzen 22
Chapter 3: The Thermal Stratification of the Extratropical Troposphere by Tapio Schneider 47
Chapter 4: Storm Track Dynamics by Kyle L. Swanson 78
Chapter 5: Eddy-Mediated Interactions Between Low Latitudes and the Extratropics by Walter A. Robinson 104
Chapter 6: On the Relative Humidity of the Atmosphere by Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, Hélène Brogniez, and Rémy Roca 143
Chapter 7: Quasi-Equilibrium Dynamics of the Tropical Atmosphere by Kerry Emanuel 186
Chapter 8: Simple Models of Ensemble-Averaged Tropical Precipitation and Surface Wind, Given the Sea Surface Temperature by Adam H. Sobel 219
Chapter 9: Dynamical Constraints on Monsoon Circulations by R. Alan Plumb 252
Chapter 10: Moist Dynamics of Tropical Convection Zones in Monsoons, Teleconnections, and Global Warming by J. David Neelin 267
Chapter 11: Challenges in Numerical Modeling of Tropical Circulations by Christopher S. Bretherton 302
Chapter 12: Challenges to Our Understanding of the General Circulation: Abrupt Climate Change by Richard Seager and David S. Battisti 331
List of Contributors 373
Index 375

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File created: 11/11/2014

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