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Einstein for the 21st Century:
His Legacy in Science, Art, and Modern Culture
Edited by Peter L. Galison, Gerald Holton & Silvan S. Schweber

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Introduction ix
PART 1: Solitude and World
Chapter 1: Who Was Einstein? Why Is He Still So Alive? by Gerald Holton 3
Chapter 2: A Short History of Einstein's Paradise beyond the Personal by Lorraine Daston 15
Chapter 3: Einstein's Jewish Identity by Hanoch Gutfreund 27
Chapter 4: Einstein and God by Yehuda Elkana 35
Chapter 5: Einstein's Unintended Legacy: The Critique of Common-Sense Realism and Post-Modern Politics by Yaron Ezrahi 48
Chapter 6: Subversive Einstein by Susan Neiman 59
Chapter 7: Einstein and Nuclear Weapons by Silvan S. Schweber 72

PART 2: Art and World

Chapter 8: Einstein and 20th-Century Art: A Romance
of Many Dimensions by Linda Dalrymple Henderson 101
Chapter 9: Rendering Time by Caroline A. Jones 130
Chapter 10: Into the Bleed: Einstein and 21st-Century Art by Matthew Ritchie 150
Chapter 11: Einstein and Music by Leon Botstein 161
Chapter 12: Seeing the Unseen by E. L. Doctorow 176

PART 3: Science and World

Chapter 13: The Assassin of Relativity by Peter L. Galison 185
Chapter 14: Space, Time, and Geometry: Einstein and Logical Empiricism by Michael L. Friedman 205
Chapter 15: Einstein as a Student by Dudley Herschbach 217
Chapter 16: Learning from Einstein: Innovation in Science by Jürgen Renn 239
Chapter 17: Einstein and 'h: Advances in Quantum Mechanics by Jürg Fröhlich 257
Chapter 18: Einstein's Unknown Contribution to Quantum Theory by A. Douglas Stone 270
Chapter 19: Einstein and the Quest for a Unified Theory by David Gross 287
Chapter 20: Energy in Einstein's Universe by Lisa Randall 299

Notes 311
Contributors 341
Index 349

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File created: 4/21/2017

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