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Richard Nixon:
Speeches, Writings, Documents
Edited and Introduced by Rick Perlstein

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Introduction by Rick Perlstein

PART I: Youth

CHAPTER 1. From RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon (1978)
CHAPTER 2. Two letters (1923 and 1924)
CHAPTER 3. "Our Privileges under the Constitution" (1929)
CHAPTER 4. From the Frank Gannon interviews (1983)

PART II: Congress

CHAPTER 5. "The Hiss Case--A Lesson for the American People" (Washington, D.C., January 26, 1950)
CHAPTER 6. The "Pink Sheet" (California, 1950)
CHAPTER 7. The "Checkers Speech" (September 23, 1952)

PART III: Vice President

CHAPTER 8. "When you go out to shoot rats" (March 13, 1954)
CHAPTER 9. The "Kitchen Debate" (Moscow, July 24, 1959)
CHAPTER 10. The Great Debate: Kennedy v. Nixon (Chicago, September 26, 1960)

PART IV: Comeback

CHAPTER 11. "Gentlemen, this is my last press conference" (Los Angeles, November 6, 1962)
CHAPTER 12. "The irresponsible tactics of some of the extreme civil rights leaders" (Cincinnati, February 12, 1964)
CHAPTER 13. "Appraisal from Manila" (November 4, 1966)
CHAPTER 14. "What Has Happened to America?" (Reader's Digest, October 1967)
CHAPTER 15. "Asia after Viet Nam" (Foreign Affairs, fall 1967)
CHAPTER 16. "The first civil right of every American is to be free from domestic violence" (Republican National Convention, Miami Beach, August 8, 1968)

PART V: President

CHAPTER 17. "To lower our voices would be a simple thing" (inaugural address, January 20, 1969)
CHAPTER 18. "The present welfare system has to be judged a colossal failure" (August 8, 1969)
CHAPTER 19. "The great silent majority of my fellow Americans" (November 3, 1969)
CHAPTER 20. "The postwar period in international relations has ended" ("State of the World" message, February 18, 1970)
CHAPTER 21. Four Vietnam Statements (1970)
CHAPTER 22. Two political statements from 1970
CHAPTER 23. "Our best days lay ahead" (August 15, 1971)
CHAPTER 24. "One China" (Shanghai, February 24, 1972)
CHAPTER 25. "He can undisappear if we want him to" (Oval Office, June 23, 1972)
CHAPTER 26. "Her name was Tanya" (Miami Beach Convention Center, August 23, 1972)
CHAPTER 27. "There can be no whitewash at the White House" (April 30, 1973)
CHAPTER 28. "I am not a crook" (November 17, 1973)
CHAPTER 29. "I made clear there was to be no coverup" (April 29, 1974)
CHAPTER 30. "My mother was a saint" (August 9, 1974)


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