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Religion and the Constitution:
Volume 2: Establishment and Fairness
Kent Greenawalt

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Preface ix
CHAPTER 1: Introduction 1
CHAPTER 2: History 18
CHAPTER 3: The Development of Doctrine and Its Significance 40
CHAPTER 4: Government Aid to Religion and Promulgating Religious Doctrine 53
CHAPTER 5: Religious Words and Symbols in Public Places 69
CHAPTER 6: Mild Endorsements and Promotions 91
CHAPTER 7: Public Schools: Devotions 103
CHAPTER 8: Public Schools: Teaching about Religion 122
CHAPTER 9: Public Schools: Teaching Whose Content Rests on Religious Views 136
CHAPTER 10: Establishment Clause Tests and Standards 157
CHAPTER 11: Equal Facilities and Freedom of Speech 194
CHAPTER 12: Chaplains in the Military and in Prison 207
CHAPTER 13: Religious Groups Exercising Government Power 221
CHAPTER 14: Religious Law and Civil Law: Using Secular Law to Assure Observance of Practices with Religious Significance 240
CHAPTER 15: Tax Exemptions and Deductions 279
CHAPTER 16: Religion and the Exemption Strategy 298
CHAPTER 17: Limits of Accommodation 336
CHAPTER 18: Financial Support to Religious Institutions 352
CHAPTER 19: Aid to Religious Schools 385
CHAPTER 20: Religion Clause Skepticism 433
CHAPTER 21: Alternative Approaches 451
CHAPTER 22: Justifications for the Religion Clauses 480
CHAPTER 23: Religiously Based Judgments and Religious Discourse in Public Life 497
CHAPTER 24: Legal Enforcement of Religion-Based Morality 525
CHAPTER 25: Conclusion 538
Index 545

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File created: 11/11/2014

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