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Archaeological Oceanography
Edited by Robert D. Ballard

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Acknowledgments vii
Introduction ix

PART ONE: The Technology and Techniques of Archaeological Oc eanography
Chapter 1: Oceanographic Methods for Underwater Archaeological Surveys by D. F. Coleman and R. D. Ballard 3
Chapter 2: The Development of Towed Optical and Acoustical Vehicle Systems and Remotely Operated Vehicles in Support of Archaeological Oceanography by J. B. Newman, T. S. Gregory, and J. Howland 15
Chapter 3: High-resolution Optical Imaging for Deep-water Archaeology by H. Singh, C. Roman, O. Pizarro, B. Foley, R. Eustice, and A. Can 30
Chapter 4: The Development of Excavation Technology for Remotely Operated Vehicles by S. Webster 41
Chapter 5: Conservation of Archaeological Finds from Deep-water Wreck Sites by D. Piechota and C. Giangrande 65

PART TWO: Contemporary Shipwrecks in the Deep Sea
Chapter 6: The Search for Contemporary Shipwrecks in the Deep Sea: Lessons Learned by R. D. Ballard 95

Part Three Deep-water Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean and Black Seas
Chapter 7: Searching for Ancient Shipwrecks in the Deep Sea by R. D. Ballard 131
Chapter 8: The Remote Exploration and Archaeological Survey of Four Byzantine Ships in the Black Sea by C. Ward and R. Horlings 148

PART FOUR: Submerged Landscape Archaeology
Chapter 9: Archaeological and Geological Oceanography of Inundated Coastal Landscapes: An Introduction by D. F. Coleman 177
10. Underwater Prehistoric Archaeological Potential on the Southern New England Continental Shelf off Block Island 200 D. F. Coleman and K. McBride
Chapter 11: Sinkholes in Lake Huron and the Possibility for Early Human Occupation on the Submerged Great Lakes Shelf by D. F. Coleman 224

PART FIVE: Telepresence and Submerged Cultural Sites
Chapter 12: Long-term Preservation and Telepresence Visitation of Cultural Sites beneath the Sea by R. D. Ballard and M. J. Durbin 249

Glossary 263 List of Contributors 275 Index 277

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File created: 4/21/2017

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