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Punishing the Prince:
A Theory of Interstate Relations, Political Institutions, and Leader Change
Fiona McGillivray & Alastair Smith

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List of Illustrations ix
List of Tables xi
Preface xiii

Chapter 1: We Have No Quarrel with the People 1
Leader Specifi c Punishments and Interstate Relations 3
Proper Nouns in International Relations 12
International Cooperation 15

Chapter 2: A Theory of Leader Specifi c Punishments 31
A Stochastic Prisoners' Dilemma with Leader Mortality 33
A Continuous Choice Prisoners' Dilemma 50
Appendix 65

Chapter 3: Political Institutions, Policy Variability, and the Survival of Leaders 77
Leader Survival 77
Selectorate Politics 79
Selectorate Institutions, Policy Choice, and Leader Survival 80
Policy Variability and the Turnover of Leaders 83

Chapter 4: Leader Specifi c Strategies in Human Subject Experiments 89
Human Subject Experiments 90
Results 93
Conclusions 101

Chapter 5: International Trade, Institutions, and Leader Change 109
Data 111
Setup of Econometric Tests and Model Specifi cation 115
Results 119
Conclusions 140

Chapter 6: Putting the Sovereign Back into Sovereign Debt 142
Institutions, Credibility, and Explanations of Debt 143
Modeling the Debt Repayment 145
Data 154
Debt, Repayment, and Leader Replacement 157
Conclusions 172

Chapter 7: Confl ictual Interactions 173
International Crises 173
Economic Sanctions 182

Chapter 8: Positive Political Theory and Policy 190
Building Trust and Cooperation 190
Positive Political Theory or Policy Advice? 192
Conclusions 199

Bibliography 201
Index 217

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File created: 4/21/2017

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