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New York Nocturne:
The City After Dark in Literature, Painting, and Photography, 1850-1950
William Chapman Sharpe

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations xi
Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction The Dream Site 1
Seeing in a New Light 10
Dark Arts and the Urban Sublime 14
Getting Acquainted with the Night 26
One Story of the Night 32

Chapter One: Gaslit Babylon 37
New York Lights Up 39
Walking the Night 42
Terror and Taming 46
Morality and Light 55
The Country and the City 60
Night People, Night Prowling 63
The Devil, the Moralist, and the Voyeur 66
Police Take Note: The Fl"neur Flummoxed 70
Gaslit Barbary 73
Lullaby for Babylon 76

Chapter Two: The Nocturne: Moonlight, Metamorphosis, and Modernism 80
Contemplating the Moon 82
The Softer Satellite in Eclipse 86
No More Than I Wish 91
As with a Veil 97
Fireworks in Court 100
Everywhere I Looked I Saw Whistlers 105
Unrecorded Miracles 112
The Photo-Nocturne 118

Chapter Three: Colonizing the Night 132
Conquering Some Realms for the Night 136
A Mighty Woman with a Torch 138
Armies of the Night 143
Lightning Powder 148
Living Like the Other Half 157
The Poor En Masse, the Rich One by One 161
Moonlight Reservation 165

Chapter Four: The Empire of Light 170
The Lesson of the Moth 171
Nightlife Goes Native 177
Beneath the Singer Tower 184
Electric Eden 189
Empire of Signs 194
Picturing the Imperial City 199
The Apotheosis of Electricity 208

Chapter Five: Skyscraper Fantasy 217
Lights, Height, Sex, Romance 222
Manhattan, the Night-Blooming Cereus I Am Seeing Great Things 230
The Body of a Skyscraper 240
Down-Gazing I Behold 243
I'll Make Them Big: O'Keeffe's Exhibitionist Androgyny 249
Nobody to Say: Pinholes 257
Lamé with Lights 262

Chapter Six: Staging the Night: Theater, Voyeurism, Violence 266
Night Windows 272
The Feel of the Night 277
Nighthawks 285
Balcony Seats at a Murder 292
Darkness Invisible 304
Then See It! 313

Epilogue Night Now 319
Whose Night? 321
Fairyland Still? The Aerial View 330
The City of Dreadful Light 340

Notes 349
Index 393

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File created: 4/21/2017

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