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Jewish Questions:
Responsa on Sephardic Life in the Early Modern Period
Matt Goldish

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Preface xi
Introduction xvii
Short Biographies of the Hakhamim lviii

PART I: Life among Muslims and Christians
Chapter 1: Caught in the Middle of Ottoman-Italian Wars
(Greece, 1716) 5
Chapter 2: The Financial Fallout of a Blood Libel (Ragusa, 1622) 8
Chapter 3: A Blood Libel among the Sephardim (Ottoman Empire, mid-seventeenth century) 13
Chapter 4: Preparations for Siege (Algiers, 1732) 15
Chapter 5: The Jew Who Stood Up to the Governor--But Maybe Not Enough (Algiers, mid-eighteenth century) 16

PART II: Trade and Other Professions in the Sephardi Diaspora
Chapter 6: An International Loan Gone Awry (Mediterranean, late-sixteenth century) 23
Chapter 7: The Woman with a Steel Welding Monopoly (Aleppo, ca. 1559) 26
Chapter 8: Death of a Salesman in Persia (Bursa and Persia, late sixteenth century) 29
Chapter 9: A Case of Mistaken Identity (Constantinople, late seventeenth century) 32
Chapter 10: The Death of Tall Aslan (Aleppo and Turkey, 1681) 35
Chapter 11: Egyptian Jews with Civet Cats (Egypt, mid-sixteenth century) 38
Chapter 12: Jewish Trade in a War Zone (Zante and Venice, ca. 1620) 39
Chapter 13: The Tale of the Clothier and the Vizier (Constantinople, 1641) 42

PART III: Life within the Sephardic Community
Chapter 14: Divorce and an Indian Impostor (Greece, mid-sixteenth century) 53
Chapter 15: The Great Fire of Saloniki (Saloniki and Lepanto, 1620) 58
Chapter 16: An Apostate Soldier of Fortune (Zante, ca. 1620) 61
Chapter 17: The Fallout from a Tall Building (Ottoman Empire, early seventeenth century) 64
Chapter 18: Polish Fugitives in Egypt (Egypt, late seventeenth century) 66
Chapter 19: The Quarantine Colony in Spalato (Spalato, seventeenth century) 68
Chapter 20: Unscrupulous Partners and the Fear of Forced Conversion (Rhodes, early seventeenth century) 71
Chapter 21: A Change of Fortune, an Unwilling Wife, and a City in Panic (Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt, 1737) 73
Chapter 22: The Causes and Consequences of a Denunciation
(Meknes, Morocco, 1721-1728) 77
Chapter 23: The Persecution of a Witness to Immorality (Tangier and Fez, 1744) 83

PART IV: Ritual Observance and Jewish Faith in Sephardic Communities
Chapter 24: The Jew Accused of Heresy (Ottoman Empire, early sixteenth century) 93
Chapter 25: Jews Becoming Karaites and Karaites Becoming Jews (Egypt, late seventeenth century) 96
Chapter 26: Bequests of Conversos and Their Status as Jews (Istanbul, early sixteenth century) 99
Chapter 27: The Converso and the Charitable Fraternity (Amsterdam, late seventeenth century) 102
Chapter 28: Monstrous Births and Marvelous Creatures (Venice, mid-seventeenth century) 106
Chapter 29: Protestants Who Send Money to Poor Jews in the Land of Israel (Palestine, mid-seventeenth century) 109
Chapter 30: What May a Jew Do with a Nativity Medallion? (Greece, early sixteenth century) 112
Chapter 31: On Loaning Money to Priests (Jerusalem, ca. 1624) 115
Chapter 32: The Penitence of the Kastoria Community (Greece, late seventeenth century) 120

PART V: Marriage, Family, and Private Life
Chapter 33: A Converso and His Flemish Concubine (Turkey, early sixteenth century) 127
Chapter 34: A Convert Repudiates Her Marriage (Ottoman Empire, early sixteenth century) 129
Chapter 35: The Melancholic Monogamist (Egypt, late seventeenth century) 131
Chapter 36: The Afflicted Bigamist (Morocco, early eighteenth
century) 134
Chapter 37: A Suspicious Pregnancy (Shekhem [Nablus], Palestine, 1721) 136
Chapter 38: The Unrepentant Adulterer (Western Europe, 1730) 139
Chapter 39: A Slave among the Wars in Belgrade (Belgrade, late seventeenth century) 143
Chapter 40: A Sexually Abused Wife (Ottoman Empire, late seventeenth century) 147
Chapter 41: On the Manipulation of Women's Right to Divorce (Egypt, mid-seventeenth century) 150
Chapter 42: A Mother's Quest for Justice (Belgrade, 1698) 153
Chapter 43: The Runaway Groom (Bayonne, 1742) 155

Bibliography 159
Index 171

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File created: 11/11/2014

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