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The Other Within:
The Marranos: Split Identity and Emerging Modernity
Yirmiyahu Yovel

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Preface ix
Acknowledgments xvii

Part One: A Millennium of Jewish Spain
Chapter 1: Sefarad, the Spanish Jerusalem 3
Chapter 2: Reconquest and Revival: The Cross Is Back 29
Chapter 3: Pogroms and Mass Conversions 40

Part Two: Marrano Otherness and Dualities
Chapter 4: Conversos: The Other Within 57
Chapter 5: The New Otherness: Duality in Many Faces 78
Chapter 6: Marrano Mosaic I: Places, Persons, Poems 103
Chapter 7: The Arias d'Avilas: Hidden Jews or Marrano Dualists? 126

Part Three: The Growing Marrano Problem
Chapter 8: Enrique the Impotent: Prosperity, Anarchy, and Inquisition on the Horizon 139
Chapter 9: Ferdinand, Isabella, and the "True Inquisition" 153
Chapter 10: The Great Expulsion 176

Part Four: Portuguese Marranism Takes Over
Chapter 11: Trap in Portugal 189
Chapter 12: Portuguese Inquisition, Pure Blood, and the "Nation" 209

Part Five: New Christian Religions and Spanish Culture
Chapter 13: A Judaizing Marrano Religion 227
Chapter 14: New Christians at the Forefront of Spanish Culture 240
Chapter 15: A Christian Religion of the Interior 246
Chapter 16: Picaresque Antiheroes 263

Part Six: Dispersion and Modernity
Chapter 17: Marranos Globalized: The Networks, the "Nation" 287
Chapter 18: Marrano Mosaic II: Wanderers, Martyrs, Intellectuals, Dissenters 315
Chapter 19: Marranos and Western Modernity 337
Chapter 20: Marranos and Jewish Modernity 359
Epilogue Present-Day Marranos 378
Appendix: Trends in the Literature 389

Notes 405
Works Cited 457
Index 477

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File created: 4/21/2017

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