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Birds in Our Imagination and Experience
Jeremy Mynott

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List of illustrations vii
Preface ix

Chapter 1: Wondering about birds
Shingle Street -- Witnesses and prophets -- Birds and ourselves 1

Chapter 2: Amusive birds: Attraction and association
Horsey -- Favourites and fancies -- Meanings and masks -- Charisma and beyond 28

Chapter 3: Seeing a difference
Isles of Scilly -- Distinctions and differences -- Species and individuals -- Observing and perceiving -- Illusion and self-deception -- Patterns, profiles, and all that jizz 54

Chapter 4: Rarity value
Central Park -- The listing habit -- Collection and possession -- The hunting instinct -- Extreme pursuits -- Discovery and diversity 80

Chapter 5: Beauty and the beholder
Volga Delta -- Signs of life -- Image and imagination -- Colour and form -- Art and nature 109

Chapter 6: The sense of sound
Little Thurlow -- Sound and silence -- Sounds different -- Signs of sound -- "And the winner is . . . " -- The sound of music 145

Chapter 7: A time and a place
Flannan Isles -- The sense of a season -- Birds in a landscape 182

Chapter 8: Wild nature: The politics of preference
Old Hall Marshes -- Disturbance and disorientation -- Intervention
and conservation -- Belonging? 207

Chapter 9: Naming matters
Kakadu -- What's in a name? -- Facts and fancies: Naming the birds -- Invention and discovery -- Regulation and resistance:
The Esperanto illusion 229

Chapter 10: Birds are good to think with
Delphi -- A bird told me -- Signs and symbols -- Eagles and
emblems -- Why birds? -- Seeing what you believe -- Like a bird 262

Envoi: "Stirred for a bird"
Shingle Street 297
Appendix 1: Some notable lists: The Sumerians, Thomas Jefferson, John Clare 303
Appendix 2: Birds and bonnets: A New York hat story 310
Appendix 3: Nightingale mysteries 312
Appendix 4: Some Australian bird names 318
Reference matter: Abbreviations -- Notes, sources, and further reading 323

Index of birds 347
General index 355
Acknowledgements and permissions 365

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File created: 4/21/2017

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