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A Short History
Cormac Ó Gráda

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List of Figures and Tables xi
Acknowledgments xv

Chapter I: The Third Horseman 1
The Ultimate Check 8
Time and Place 13
How Common Were Famines in the Past? 25
Remembering Famine 39

Chapter II: The Horrors of Famine 45
Crime 52
Slavery 56
Prostitution, Infanticide, and Child Abandonment 59
Cannibalism 63

Chapter III: Prevention and Coping 69
Famine Foods 73
Country Misers and Calculating Merchants 78
Migration 81

Chapter IV: Famine Demography 90
Hierarchies of Suffering 90
How Many Died? 92
Gender and Age 98
Missing Births 102
What Do People Die of during Famines? 108
Long-term Impacts 121

Chapter V: Markets and Famines 129
Profiteers 129
French Économistes and Adam Smith 137
Markets and Famines in Practice 143
Transport 155
Conclusion 157

Chapter VI: Entitlements: Bengal and Beyond 159
Bengal 159
Food Supply and Market Failure 166
Winners and Losers 178
Conclusion 184

Chapter VII: Public and Private Action 195
Feeding the Starving 195
Means of Relief 210
Corruption 216
NGOs and the Globalization of Relief 218
Famine Relief as State Aid 225

Chapter VIII: The "Violence of Government" 229
War by Another Means 229
The USSR 233
The Chinese Famine of 1959-61 241
Ethiopia and North Korea 254

Chapter IX: An End to Famine? 259
Agricultural Trends 262
Climate and Desertification 269
Where Backwardness Persists 274
A Stitch in Time 278

References 283
Index 319

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File created: 4/21/2017

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