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Lucky Hans and Other Merz Fairy Tales
Kurt Schwitters
Translated and introduced by Jack Zipes
Illustrated by Irvine Peacock

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Translator's Note and Acknowledgments xi
Kurt Schwitters, Politics, and the Merz Fairy Tale 1

Tales Written in German

Chapter 1: The Swineherd and the Great, Illustrious Writer 41
Der Schweinehirt und der Dichterfürst (1925)

Chapter 2: Lucky Hans 49
Der glückliche Hans (1925)

Chapter 3: Happiness 57
Das Glück (1925)

Chapter 4: The Little Clock Spirit and the Lovers 61
Uhrgeistchen und Liebespaar (1925)

Chapter 5: The Proud Young Woman 63
Das stolze Mädchen (1925)

Chapter 6: An Old Fairy Tale 67
Altes Märchen (1925)

Chapter 7: The Scarecrow 72
Die Scheuche (1925)--A children's book created with Kate Steinitz and Theo van Doesburg

Chapter 8: He 85
Er (1927)

Chapter 9: Fish and Man 103
Fisch und Mensch (1927)

Chapter 10: The Squinting Doll 105
Die schielende Puppe (1927)

Chapter 11: Three Suitcases 107
Drei Koff er (1927)

Chapter 12: Fairy Tale 115
Märchen (1928)

Chapter 13: A King without People 116
König ohne Volk (1932)

Chapter 14: The Story about the Good Man 119
Die Fabel vom guten Menschen (1933)

Chapter 15: Happy Country 121
Glückliches Land (1933)

Chapter 16: The Story about the Rabbit 123
Die Geschichte vom Hasen (1934)

Chapter 17: The Three Wishes 125
Die drei Wünsche (1936)

Chapter 18: The Ugly Young Woman: A Fairy Tale 131
Das häßliche Mädchen: Ein Märchen (1937)

Chapter 19: The Two Brothers 137
Die beiden Brüder (1938)

Chapter 20: The Fish and the Ship's Propeller 143
Der Fisch und die Schiff sschraube (1938)

Chapter 21: Transformations 145
Verwandlungen (1938)

Chapter 22: He Who Is Mentally Retarded 153
Der, der da geistig arm ist (1938)

Chapter 23: Hans and Grete: A Fairy Tale about
Children Who Live in the Woods 161
Hans und Grete: Märchen von Kindern, die im Walde wohnen (1939)

Chapter 24: The Fairy Tale about Happiness 165
Das Märchen vom Glück (1930-1940)

Chapter 25: Normal Insanity 169
Normaler Unsinn (1930-1940)

Chapter 26: What Is Happiness 173
Was ist das Glück (1940-1945)

Chapter 27: The Man with the Glass Nose 179
Der Mann mit dem gläsernen Nase (1945)

Chapter 28: Once upon a Time There Was a Tiny Mouse 183
Es war einmal eine kleine Maus (1941-1946)

Tales Written in English

Chapter 29: The Flat and the Round Painter 189

Chapter 30: London: A Fairy Tale 193

Chapter 31: The Flying Fish 197

Chapter 32: Twopenny Novel about an Ugly Girl 203

Appendix: German Version of "Die Scheuche" 207
Notes 221
Bibliography 233

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