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A Necessary Engagement:
Reinventing America's Relations with the Muslim World
Emile Nakhleh

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Author's Note ix
Introduction xi

Chapter 1: Political Islam and Islamization 1
Islamization and Islamic Activism 4
Stages of Islamization 8
Islamic Activism and Radicalization 12
Islamic Radicals and WMD 14
Manifestations of Islamization 17
Factors Contributing to Islamization 20
Education and Islamization 23
Shia Activism 26
Islamic Political Party Politics 30
Islamic Activism, CIA Briefings, and U.S. Policy Responses 33

Chapter 2: Intelligence, Political Islam, and Policymakers 37
Intelligence and Policy: Roots of Tension 38
Politics Trumps National Security 40
Building Expertise 41
Academic Outreach 43
Training of Analysts 46
Cultural Expertise and Intelligence Analysis 47
Open-Source Data Mining 50
Visiting Muslim Countries 51
Analytic Products, Briefings, and Policymakers' Response 53
Iraq: Critical Briefings before and aft er the Invasion 54
Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and the American Response 61
Authoritarian Regimes and Political Reform 64
Bureaucratic Impediments 66
Collecting Data on Political Islam 68

Chapter 3: Public Diplomacy: Issues and Attitudes 71
Polls and Attitudes 73
Global War on Terror 80
Invading Muslim Countries 84
Democratization 90
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: An "Honest Broker" Role? 94
Unilateralism Resonates Poorly 98

Chapter 4: Public Diplomacy: A Blueprint 101
Caveats and Challenges 105
Secularists and Modernists 107
Traditionalists and Radical Salafis 112
Core Themes 120
A Blueprint 125
Looking Ahead 140
Acknowledgments 145
Glossary 147
Sources Cited 151
Index 155

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File created: 4/21/2017

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