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A Short History
Augustus Richard Norton
With a new afterword by the author

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Prologue 1
Chapter 1: Origins and Prehistory of Hezbollah 9
The Rise of Shi'i Politics from the Mid-twentieth Century to the Lebanese Civil War 14
The Role of Musa al-Sadr 18
The Resurgence of Amal 21

Chapter 2: The Founding of Hezbollah 27
The Iraq Connection 30
The 1982 Israeli Invasion 32
Hezbollah Emerges 34
The Hezbollah Worldview 35
Implementing the Design 41

Chapter 3: Being a Shi'i Muslim in the Twenty-first Century 47
Ritual and Identity 51
The Intersection of Ritual and Politics 58

Chapter 4: Resistance, Terrorism, and Violence in Lebanon 69
Hezbollah and Terrorism 75
Occupation in Southern Lebanon 79
The "Rules of the Game" 83
The 2000 Israeli Withdrawal 88

Chapter 5: Playing Politics 95
Hezbollah's Decision to Participate 98
Municipal Elections 103
The Revolt of the Hungry 105
The Rich Texture of Shi'i Institutions 107

Chapter 6: From Celebration to War 113
The Changing Social Tapestry in Post-Civil War Lebanon 120
Lebanon's Love-Hate Relationship with Rafiq Hariri, and His Assassination 124
Setting the Stage for War 132
The Start of Hostilities, July 2006 135
Prosecuting the War 137
Conclusion 145
Hezbollah in a Fractured Postwar Lebanon 152
What Next? 157

Afterword to the Paperback Edition 161
Glossary 173
Additional Reading 175
Sources Cited 181
Index 185
Acknowledgments 197

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File created: 4/21/2017

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