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Making Cities Work:
Prospects and Policies for Urban America
Edited by Robert P. Inman

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List of Illustrations and Tables vii
Foreword by Robert P. Inman xi
Acknowledgments by Robert P. Inman xiii
Contributors xv
Chapter 1: Introduction: City Prospects, City Policies by Robert P. Inman 1
Chapter 2: Growth: The Death and Life of Cities by Edward L. Glaeser 22
Chapter 3: Transportation: Urban Transportation Policy by Kenneth A. Small 63
Chapter 4: Space: The Design of the Urban Environment by Witold Rybczynski 94
Chapter 5: Housing: Urban Housing Markets by Joseph Gyourko 123
Chapter 6: Immigration: How Immigration Affects U.S. Cities by David Card 158
Chapter 7: Race: The Perplexing Persistence of Race by Jacob L. Vigdor 201
Chapter 8: Poverty: Poverty among Inner-City Children by Janet Currie 226
Chapter 9: Education: Educating Urban Children by Richard J. Murnane 269
Chapter 10: Crime: Crime in the City by Philip J. Cook 297
Chapter 11: Finances: Financing City Services by Robert P. Inman 328
Index 363

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File created: 10/23/2013

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