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Boundaries of Contagion:
How Ethnic Politics Have Shaped Government Responses to AIDS
Evan S. Lieberman

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Illustrations ix
Abbreviations xi
Preface xiii

Chapter One: Introduction 1
The Puzzle Of Explaining Government Policy 5
AIDS as a Laboratory for Comparison: Politics in Really Hard Times 10
Outline of the Book 18

Chapter Two: A Theory of Boundary Politics and Alternative Explanations 25
Ethnic Boundaries 28
The Effect of Boundaries on Policymaking 35
Implications for AIDS Policy 42
Additional and Alternative Explanations 50
Conclusion 59

Chapter Three: Globalization and Global Governance of AIDS: The Geneva Consensus 61
The Rise of Asymmetric Global Health Governance 65
The Emergence of the Global Response to AIDS 72
The Content of the Geneva Consensus 86
The Limits of Consensus 106
Conclusion 107

Chapter Four: Partial and Alternative Explanations of Policy Divergence 125
The Effect of Boundary Institutions 142
Conclusion 171

Chapter Five: A Model-Testing Case Study of Strong Ethnic Boundaries and AIDS Policy in India 173
India's AIDS Epidemic 177
The Government's Response: Weak and Delayed 181
Explanation: The Role of Boundary Politics 193
Explaining Policy Variation across Indian States 220
Conclusions and Alternative Explanations 234

Chapter Six: Ethnic Boundaries and AIDS Policies around the World 239
The Data 240
Analysis and Discussion: Estimates of the Effect of Boundaries on AIDS Policy 261
Conclusion 288

Chapter Seven: Conclusion: Ethnic Boundaries or Cosmopolitanism? 292
Implications 295
Future Research 303
References 307
Index 331

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File created: 4/21/2017

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