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Pontius Pilate, Anti-Semitism, and the Passion in Medieval Art
Colum Hourihane

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments xi
Introduction 1

Chapter 1: T he Historical Background
and the Role of the Prefect 6

Chapter 2: Primary Sources for the Study of Pilate 13
Philo of Alexandria 13
Josephus 16
The Bible 22
The Talmud and Midrash 23
Apocryphal Material 25

Chapter 3: E arly Christian Writings
and Archaeological Evidence 38
Literary Evidence 38
Archaeological Evidence 40

Chapter 4: P ilate as a Sy mbol of the Law 44

Chapter 5: P ilate in Early Christian Art
and Thought 52
The Washing of the Hands 68
Pilate and the Waters of Baptism 72
Pilate, the Christian 80
Conclusions 82

Chapter 6: P ilate and the Passion Sequence: The Sixth to the Eleventh Century 84
Ivories 86
Frescoes 93
Manuscripts 94
The Psalms and Pilate 104
Sculpture 111
Pilate's Wife 126

Chapter 7: T he Jewish Beginnings: Characterization in the Eleventh Century 143
Pilate as a Jew 146
The Praetorium 153

Chapter 8: T he Legal Perspective:
The Tw elfth Century 171
Pilate: The Jew and Disputational Literature 181
Identifying Separation 190
Extending His Involvement 199
Pilate and the Titulus 201
Joseph of Arimathea before Pilate 204
Pilate Asked to Guard the Sepulcher 208
Barabbas Released 21
The Legends 214
Strong or Weak and Guilt 215
Ecce Homo 220

Chapter 9: P ilate in the Expansion of the Passion:
The Thirteenth Century 227
Extending the Repertoire 238
Bible moralisée 245
The Trials 255
The Interrogation before Annas 259
The Trial before Caiaphas 263
The Trial before Herod Antipas 271
The Flagellation 272
Pilate and the Fate of the Jews 289
The Revisionist Image 293\

Chapter 10: T he Established Image in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries 296
Popularization 307
Manuscripts, Books, and Prints 308
Pilate and Judas 324
Panel Paintings 328
Pilate as an Instrument of the Passion 346
An Aged Man 349
Pilate and the Symbol of the Dog 357
Pilate's Textual and Visual Characterization 363

Conclusions 371
Appendix A: Images of Pilate in Early Christian and Late Antique Art 375
Appendix B: The Holy Resurrection 383
Notes 391
Index 451
Photography Credits 463
Contents YU ix

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File created: 4/21/2017

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