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Objects of Translation:
Material Culture and Medieval "Hindu-Muslim" Encounter
Finbarr B. Flood

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments xi
A Note on Translations and Transliterations xv

Introduction 1
Roots or Routes? 1
Networks, Translation, and Transculturation 5
Things and Texts 9

Chapter 1: The Mercantile Cosmopolis 15
Polyglot Frontiers and Permeable Boundaries 15
Gifts, Idolatry, and the Political Economy 26
Heteropraxy, Taxonomy, and Traveling Orthography 37

Chapter 2: Cultural Cross-dressing 61
Prestigious Imitation 61
Fractal Kingship and Royal Castoff s 75
The Raja's Finger and the Sultan's Belt 84

Chapter 3: Accommodating the Infi del 89
Sunni Internationalism and the Ghurid Interlude 89
From King of the Mountains to the Second Alexander 93
Homology, Ambiguity, and the Rule of Sri Hammira 107

Chapter 4: Looking at Loot 121
Signs of Sovereignty 121
Looting and Diff erence 123
Trophies and Transculturation 126

Chapter 5: Remaking Monuments 137
Taxonomies, Anomalies, and Visual Pidgin 137
Rupture and Reinscription 152
Noble Chambers and Translated Stones 160
Patrons and Masons 184
Markets, Mobility, and Intentional Hybridity 189

Chapter 6: Palimpsest Pasts and Fictive Genealogies 227
A World within a World 227
Monuments and Memory 247
The Fate of Hamm?ra 255

Conclusion: In and Out of Place 261
Appendix: Principal Dynasties and Rulers Mentioned 269
Notes 271
Bibliography 311
1. Primary Sources 311
2. Secondary Sources
(a) History and Material Culture 317
(b) Conceptual and Theoretical 347
Index 353

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File created: 4/21/2017

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