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The Best Laid Schemes:
Selected Poetry and Prose of Robert Burns
Robert Burns
Edited by Robert Crawford & Christopher MacLachlan

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Acknowledgements ix
Textual Note xi
Introduction xiii
Further Reading xxxvii


My Father was a Farmer 3
To Ruin. 5
The Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie, The Author's Only Pet Yowe, An Unco Mournfu' Tale 6
Poor Mailie's Elegy. 9
Mary Morison 11
On a Noisy Polemic. 12
For the Author's Father. 12
A Fragment. [When Guilford Good our Pilot Stood] 13
Address to the Unco Guid, or the Rigidly Righteous. 16
O Leave Novels 19
Green Grow the Rashes. A Fragment. 20
Epistle to Davie, A Brother Poet. 21
Holy Willie's Prayer 26
Death and Doctor Hornbook. A True Story. 30
Epistle to J. L[aprai]k, An Old Scotch Bard. 36
The Vision. 40
To a Mouse 47
The Holy Fair. 49

The Twa Dogs, A Tale. 57
The Cotter's Saturday Night. 65
Address to the Deil. 71
Brose and Butter. 75
To a Louse 76
A Cantata. [Love and Liberty or The Jolly Beggars] 78
On a Scotch Bard Gone to the West Indies. 89
To the Author. [Second Epistle to Davie] 91
[Lines Written on a Bank of Scotland One Guinea Note] 93
[Address of Beelzebub] 94
A Dream. 97
The Brigs of Ayr. A Poem. 102
The Northern Lass. 110
Address to Edinburgh. 111
To a Haggis. 113
A Fragment. [There was a Lad] 115
[Inscribed around Fergusson's Portrait] 116
[Lines on Fergusson] 116
Written by Somebody on the Window of an Inn at Stirling
on Seeing the Royal Palace in Ruins. 117

Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes [First Version] 118
I Love My Jean. 120
O, Were I on Parnassus Hill 121
Tam Glen. 122
Auld Lang Syne. 124
Louis What Reck I by Thee. 125
Robin Shure in Hairst. 126
Nine Inch Will Please a Lady. 127
Afton Water. 128
[Epistle to Dr Blacklock] 129
On Captn. Grose's present peregrinations through Scotland collecting the antiquities of that kingdom 131
My Love She's but a Lassie Yet. 133
My Heart's in the Highlands. 134
John Anderson my Jo. 135
Tam o' Shanter. A Tale. 136
The Banks o' Doon. 143
Ae Fond Kiss. 144
Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation. 145
The De'il's Awa wi' th' Exciseman. 146
Highland Mary 147

The Rights of Woman 148
Why Should Na Poor People Mow 150
Whistle & I'll Come to You My Lad. 151
Ode [for General Washington's Birthday] 152
Bruce to his Troops on the Eve of the Battle of Bannock-burn. 154
Act Sederunt o' the Court o' Session. 155
A Red Red Rose. 156
Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes [Second Version] 157
For a' that & a' that. 158
The Dumfries Volunteers. 160
The Heron Ballads I 162
To the Tooth-Ach. 164
[Oh Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast] 166
The Solemn League and Covenant 167
The Selkirk Grace. 167
Tam Lin. 168
Comin thro' the Rye. 174
Charlie He's my Darling. 175
The Trogger. 176
The Tree of Liberty. 177


The Rediscovered Poems in this Book 183
Logie o' Buchan 187
I Courted a Lassie 188
My Steps Fate on a Mad Conjuncture Thrust 189
Here is to the king, Sir 191
Tho' Life's Gay Scenes Delight No More 192


Five Extracts from Burns's First Commonplace Book, 1783-85 195
Preface [To Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, 1786] 198
Dedication [To Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, 1787] 200
Extract from Burns's Journal of his Border Tour 201
Letter to Dr John Moore, 2 August 1787 202
Letter to Agnes McLehose, 19 January 1788 213
Letter to Agnes McLehose, 25 January 1788 215
Letter to Robert Ainslie, 3 March 1788 216
Extract from a Letter to Burns from Agnes McLehose 217
Letter to Dr John Moore, 4 January 1789 219
Extract from a Letter to Mrs Frances Dunlop of Dunlop, 12 January 1795 221
Letter to James Armour, 10 July 1796 222

Notes 223
Index of Titles 265
Index of First Lines of Poems 269

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File created: 4/21/2017

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