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Darwin in Galápagos:
Footsteps to a New World
K. Thalia Grant & Gregory B. Estes

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Introduction [in PDF format]


P>Introduction. Darwin's Islands 1

Part 1. Before Galápagos
CHAPTER I. Curious Beginnings 25
Born to Science 25
Shrewsbury 30
Edinburgh 32
Cambridge 33

CHAPTER II. Voyage of the Beagle 39
Offer of a Lifetime 39
The Beagle 43
Captain and Crew 45
Life on Board 49

CHAPTER III. Gearing for Galapagos 52
First Stop, Paradise 53
A Massive Discovery 56
A Change of Perspective 58
The Proof of the Pudding 62
A Bump in the Road 64
Uplifting Andes 66
Bound for "Novel Ground" 67

Part 2. Galápagos
CHAPTER IV. Chatham Island (Isla San Cristóbal) 75
Surveying Galápagos 76
Fit for Pandemonium 80
Golden Age of Whaling 81
Strangers to Man 91
A League from the Coast 96
"Waterfalls!" 99
Land of Craters 101

CHAPTER V. Charles Island (Isla Floreana) 111
An Oasis in the Desert 111
Early Human Colonization 114
Darwin's "Mocking-thrush" 118
Tortoise Tales 122
Post Office Collections 131
Alien Invaders: The Human Factor 133
Views from the Top 140
A Confusion of Finches 143

CHAPTER VI. Albemarle Island (Isla Isabela) 155
Vulcan's Playground 155
A Little World within Itself 158

CHAPTER VII. James Island (Isla Santiago) 175
The Sky for a Roof, the Ground for a Table 175
A Highland Marathon 179
Igneous Ingenuity 187
Darwin's Snails 191
Salt and Sugar 195
A Gathering of Giants 202
Wandering about Bird Collecting 204
Halley's Comet 209

Part 3. After Galápagos
CHAPTER VIII. Homeward Bound 217
Looking Back, Leaping Forward 217
Dis-Belief 222

CHAPTER IX. A New Voyage 226
A Theory by Which to Work 230
"A Wonderful Spot" 231
Seeds across the Sea 235
The Book That Shook the World 238
"The Origin of'The Origin' " 240
At Home, at Work 242

Island and Site Names in Galápagos 245
Bearing Darwin's Name in Galápagos 248
HMS Beagle's Complement 251

Acknowledgments 253
Notes 257
Further Reading 335
Index 337
Vertebrate Species Collected in Galápagos 349
Illustration Credits 353

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File created: 4/21/2017

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