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The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe
Mary Elise Sarotte

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations ix
Preface: A Brief Note on Scholarship and Sources xi
Abbreviations xvi
Introduction: Creating Post-Cold War Europe: 1989 and the Architecture of Order 1

Chapter 1: What Changes in Summer and Autumn 1989? 11
Tiananmen Fails to Transfer 16
The Americans Step Back 22
The Status Quo Ceases to Convince 25
East German Self-Confidence Rises 28
Television Transforms Reality 38

Chapter 2: Restoring Four-Power Rights, Reviving a Confederation in 1989 48
On the Night of November 9 50
What Next? 62
The Four (Occupying?) Powers 65
Candy, Fruit, and Sex 68
The Portugalov Push 70
Specters Revive 76
The Restoration and Revival Models Fall Apart 81

Chapter 3: Heroic Aspirations in 1990 88
The Round Table 92
Counterrevolution? 95
The Consequences of the Brush with a Stage of Terror 99
Emerging Controversy over Reparations and NATO 103
"NATO's Jurisdiction Would Not Shift One Inch Eastward" 107
Property Pluralism 115

Chapter 4: Prefab Prevails 119
The Security Solution: Two lus Four Equals NATO 120
The Political Solution: Article 23 129
The Economic Solution: Monetary Union 132
The Election Campaign and the Ways of the Ward Heeler 135
The Results of March 18 142
Reassuring European Neighbors 145

Chapter 5: Securing Building Permits 150
The First Carrot: Money 152
The Washington Summit 160
The Second Carrot: NATO Reform 169
Breakthrough in Russia 177
Pay Any Price 186

Conclusion: The Legacy of 1989 and 1990 195
Counterfactuals 196
Consequences 201
Acknowledgments 215
Notes 219
Bibliography 287
Index 309

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File created: 11/11/2014

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