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A Cosmopolitanism of Nations:
Giuseppe Mazzini's Writings on Democracy, Nation Building, and International Relations
Giuseppe Mazzini
Edited and with an introduction by Stefano Recchia & Nadia Urbinati

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Preface vii
Giuseppe Mazzini's International Political Thought 1

Part One: Democracy and the Nation: A Republican Creed 31
Chapter One: Manifesto of Young Italy (1831) 33
Chapter Two: On the Superiority of Representative Government (1832) 39
Chapter Three: Three Essays on Cosmopolitan Ideals and National Sentiment 53
I. Humanity and Country (1836) 53
II. Nationality and Cosmopolitanism (1847) 57
III. Nationalism and Nationality (1871) 62
Chapter Four: In Defense of Democracy: A Reply to Mr. Guizot (1839) 66
Chapter Five: On the Duties of Man (1841-60) 80

Part Two: National Insurrection and Democratic Revolution 109
Chapter Six: Rules for the Conduct of Guerrilla Bands (1832) 111
Chapter Seven: Toward a Holy Alliance of the Peoples (1849) 117
Chapter Eight: From a Revolutionary Alliance to the United States of Europe (1850) 132
Chapter Nine: Against the Foreign Imposition of Domestic Institutions (1851) 136
Chapter Ten: To the Patriots of Serbia and Hungary (1863) 141
Chapter Eleven: Letter to a Polish Patriot (1863) 143
Chapter Twelve: For a Truly National War (1866) 146
Chapter Thirteen: Neither Pacifism nor Terror: Considerations on the Paris Commune and the French National Assembly (1871) 153

Part Three: International Politics, Military Intervention, and a New World Order 167
Chapter Fourteen: On Publicity in Foreign Affairs (1835) 169
Chapter Fifteen: Foreign Despotism to Civilize a People? Italy, Austria, and the Pope (1845) 178
Chapter Sixteen: The European Question: Foreign Intervention and National Self-Determination (1847) 193
Chapter Seventeen: On Public Opinion and England's International Leadership (1847) 199
Chapter Eighteen: Concerning the Fall of the Roman Republic (1849) 208
Chapter Nineteen: On Nonintervention (1851) 213
Chapter Twenty: America as a Leading Nation in the Cause of Liberty (1865) 219
Chapter Twenty-One: To Our Friends in the United States (1865) 222
Chapter Twenty-Two: Principles of International Politics (1871) 224
Index 241

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File created: 11/11/2014

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