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Health, Luck, and Justice
Shlomi Segall

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Preface iv
Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Justice, Luck, and Equality 9
I. Rawlsian vs. Luck Egalitarian Justice 10
II. Inequality vs. Equality 14
III. Reasonable Avoidability vs. Responsibility 19

Part I Health Care 27

Chapter 2: Responsibility- Insensitive Health Care 29
I. The Fair Opportunity Account 30
II. Opportunities and Life Plans 34
III. Th e Democratic Equality Account 37

Chapter 3: Ultra- Responsibility- Sensitive Health Care: "All- Luck Egalitarianism" 45
I. A Test Case: Justifying Medical Treatment for Smoking- Related Diseases 46
II. Some Preliminary Problems with All- Luck Egalitarianism 48
III. What's Wrong with Neutralizing Luck as Such? 51
IV. All- Luck Egalitarianism, Moral Luck, and Desert 54

Chapter 4: Tough Luck? Why Luck Egalitarians Need
Not Abandon Reckless Patients 58
I. Luck Egalitarian Attempts to Defl ect the Abandonment Objection 59
II. Value Pluralism 64
III. Three Objections to Luck Egalitarian Value Pluralism 66
IV. A Potential Solution? 68

Chapter 5: Responsibility- Sensitive Universal Health Care 74
I. Meeting Basic Needs 75
II. Health Care as a Public Good 78
III. Some Counter- Objections and Clarifi cations 80
IV. In- Kind Health Care 83

Part II: Health 87

Chapter 6: Why Justice in Health? 89
I. Is Health Care (Still) Special? 89
II. Why a Separate Th eory of Justice in Health? 92

Chapter 7: Luck Egalitarian Justice in Health 98
I. Rawlsian vs. Luck Egalitarian Justice in Health 99
II. Two Problems with Fair Equality of Opportunity for Health 101
III. Health Inequalities between the Sexes Revisited 105

Chapter 8: Equality or Priority in Health? 111
I. The Value of Equality in Health 112
II. Some Potential Objections and Qualifi cations 115
III. Luck Prioritarian Justice in Health 118

Chapter 9: Distributing Human Enhancements 121
I. What Is Human Enhancement? 122
II. The Treatment vs. Enhancement Distinction 124
III. "Fair" Skin and Other Potential Objections 130
IV. Equality or Priority in Enhancement? 133

Part III: Health without Borders 137

Chapter 10: Devolution of Health Care Services 139
I. The Case for Devolution 141
II. How Devolution Upsets Distributive Justice 143
III. Ignoring Cultural Preferences in Health Care 144
IV. How Devolution Weakens Social Solidarity 148
V. Imposing a Uniform Pattern of Consumption 150

Chapter 11: Global Justice and National Responsibility for Health 153
I. Justice, Responsibility, and Double Standards 155
II. "The Health of Nations" and the Global Economic Order 158
III. Holding Nations Responsible for Th eir Health 160
IV. National Responsibility and Future Generations 162
V. Equality or Suffi ciency in Global Health? 165
VI. Intergalactic Egalitarianism 168

Conclusion 171
Notes 175
Bibliography 221
Index 235

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File created: 4/21/2017

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