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Shell Shock Cinema:
Weimar Culture and the Wounds of War
Anton Kaes

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Illustrations vii
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction 1

Chapter 1: The War at Home 7
The Wounded Soldier 8
The Spirit of 1914 16
Film and Nation 20
The Battle of Images 25
A Medium for Deception 29
The New Empire 34
Mental Breakdowns 37

Chapter 2: Tales from the Asylum 45
War Neurotics 46
Recovering the Past 49
Phantoms and Freaks 55
From Dr. Charcot to Dr. Caligari 63
Madness as Resistance 71
The Hitler Connection 75
Shattered Space 81

Chapter 3: The Return of the Undead 87
The Lost Generation 88
Mass Death 93
Dracula Revisited 98
A Community under Siege 108
Hysteria on the Home Front 113
The Allure of the Occult 120
The Work of Mourning 127

Chapter 4: Myth, Murder, and Revenge 131
The National Project 132
Posing for Germany 135
The Will to Form 141
The Fallen Hero 145
Excursus: Lang in World War I 151
The Sacred Battle 153
The End of Violence 157

Chapter 5: The Industrial Battlefield 167
Rise of the Machines 168
Moloch War 175
Lang's America 181
The Hunger for Religion 186
The Workers' Revolt 193
Destruction and Regeneration 200
Aftershocks 205

Conclusion 211
Notes 217
Weimar Cinema on DVD 251
Bibliography 267
Shell Shock and Trauma Theory 267
World War I and the Weimar Republic 272
Weimar Film History 278
Films Discussed 283
Index 299

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File created: 4/21/2017

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