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Islam in South Asia in Practice
Edited by Barbara D. Metcalf

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Princeton Readings in Religions v
Note on Translation, Transliteration, and Acknowledgments vii
List of Illustrations xiii
Contributors xv
Preface: Islam in South Asia in Practice by Barbara D. Metcalf xvii
Maps xxvi

Introduction: A Historical Overview of Islam in South Asia by Barbara D. Metcalf 1
Devotion and Praise: To Allah, Muhammad, Imams, and Elders Introduction by Barbara D. Metcalf 43
Chapter 1: Satpanthi Ismaili Songs to Hazrat Ali and the Imams by Ali S. Asani 48
Chapter 2: The Soul's Quest in Malik Muhammad Jayasi's Hindavi Romance by Aditya Behl 63
Chapter 3: Pilgrimage to the Shrines in Ajmer by Catherine B. Asher 77
Chapter 4: Women's Grinding and Spinning Songs of Devotion in the Late Medieval Deccan by Richard Eaton 87
Chapter 5: Qawwali Songs of Praise by Syed Akbar Hyder and Carla Petievich 93
Chapter 6: Na't: Media Contexts and Transnational Dimensions of a Devotional Practice by Patrick Eisenlohr 101
Chapter 7: Shi'i Mourning in Muhurram: Nauha Laments for Children Killed at Karbala by Syed Akbar Hyder and Carla Petievich 113
Chapter 8: Islam and the Devotional Image in Pakistan by Jamal J. Elias 120

Holy and Exemplary Lives
Introduction by Barbara D. Metcalf 135
Chapter 9: Ibn Battuta Meets Shah Jalal al-Din Tabrizi in Bengal by Barbara D. Metcalf 138
Chapter 10: Narratives of the Life of Haider Shaykh in Punjab by Anna Bigelow 144
Chapter 11: The Daily Life of a Saint, Ahmad Sirhindi, by Badr al-Din Sirhindi by Carl Ernst 158
Chapter 12: Sufi Ritual Practice among the Barkatiyya Sayyids of U.P.: Nuri Miyan's Life and'Urs, Late Nineteenth-Early Twentieth Centuries by Usha Sanyal 166
Chapter 13: Transgressions of a Holy Fool: A Majzub in Colonial India by Nile Green 173

The Transmission of Learning
Introduction by Barbara D. Metcalf 187
Chapter 14: Saving Tamil Muslims from the Torments of Hell: Vannapparimalappulavar's Book of One Thousand Questions by Ronit Ricci 190
Chapter 15: The Taqwiyyat al-Iman (Support of the Faith) by Shah Isma'il Shahid by Barbara D. Metcalf 201
Chapter 16: The Brilliance of Hearts: Hajji Imdadullah Teaches Meditation and Ritual by Scott Kugle 212
Chapter 17: Studying Hadith in a Madrasa in the Early Twentieth Century by Muhammad Qasim Zaman 225
Chapter 18: Jihad in the Way of God: A Tablighi Jama'at Account of a Mission in India by Barbara D. Metcalf 240
Chapter 19: A College Girl Gives a Qur'an Lesson in Bangladesh by Maimuna Huq 250

Guidance, Sharia, and Law
Introduction by Barbara D. Metcalf 265
Chapter 20: Ibn Battuta as a Qadi in the Maldives by Barbara D. Metcalf 271
Chapter 21: Guiding the Ruler and Prince by Muzaffar Alam 279
Chapter 22: A Colonial Court Defines a Muslim by Alan M. Guenther 293
Chapter 23: Maulana Thanawi's Fatwa on the Limits of Parental Rights over Children by Fareeha Khan 305
Chapter 24: Shari'at Governance in Colonial and Postcolonial India by Ebrahim Moosa 317
Chapter 25: Two Sufis on Molding the New Muslim Woman: Khwaja Hasan Nizami (1878-1955) and Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927) by Marcia Hermansen 326
Chapter 26: Fatwa Advice on Proper Muslim Names by Muhammad Khalid Masud 339
Chapter 27: A Rallying Cry for Muslim Personal Law: The Shah Bano Case and Its Aftermath by Sylvia Vatuk 352

Introduction by Barbara D. Metcalf 371
Chapter 28: Forest Clearing and the Growth of Islam in Bengal by Richard Eaton 375
Chapter 29: Challenging the Mughal Emperor: The Islamic Millennium according to'Abd al-Qadir Badayuni by Ahmed Azfar Moin 390
Chapter 30: Custom and Conversion in Malabar: Zayn al-Din al-Malibari's Gift of the Mujahidin: Some Accounts of the Portuguese by Engseng Ho 403
Chapter 31: Muslim League Appeals to the Voters of Punjab for Support of Pakistan by David Gilmartin 409
Chapter 32: Advocating a Secular Pakistan: The Munir Report of 1954 by Asad Ahmed 424
Chapter 33: Maulana Yusuf Ludhianvi on the Limits of Legitimate Religious Differences by Naveeda Khan 438
Chapter 34: The Indian Jama'at-i Islami Reconsiders Secular Democracy by Irfan Ahmad 447

Glossary 457
Index 461

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File created: 11/11/2014

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