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Can Islam Be French?
Pluralism and Pragmatism in a Secularist State
John R. Bowen

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments xi

Part One: Trajectories 1

Chapter One: Islam and the Republic 3
Chapter Two: Fashioning the French Islamic Landscape 15
Migration Pathways 16
Residence and Boundaries 19
Religion Rising 21
Authorities 24
State Responses 25
Where to Sacrifice? 27
Where to Pray? 29
Distinctive Features 32

Part Two: Spaces 35

Chapter Three: Mosques Facing Outward 37
In the Unruly Suburbs (Clichy-sous-Bois) 37
Inside the Networks (Saint-Denis) 44
The Work of an Everyday Imam (Lyon) 51
Mosques and Social Divisions 58

Chapter Four: Shaping Knowledge to France 63
Rules, Schools, Principles 63
Hichem El Arafa's CERSI 66
The Science of Hadith 75
The Objectives of Scripture 81

Chapter Five: Differentiating Schools 85
Dimensions of Pedagogical Difference 85
Hichem's View 86
The Great Mosque of Paris 87
Teaching the "Middle Way" 89
Teaching the Four Traditions 92
Objectives and Imam M"lik 95
Foregrounding God's Objectives 96
What Nullifies Prayer--for a Maliki 100
When May a Judge Pronounce a Divorce? 102
Practical Training in an Islamic Ambiance 105
The Future 105
Institute of Useful Knowledge 106

Chapter Six: Can an Islamic School Be Republican? 110
Dhaou Meskine's Success School 111
A Teacher's Trajectory 112
School as Symbol 115
How to Teach a Secular Curriculum in a Muslim School 117
Civics and Gay Couples 118
Religion versus Culture 120
Evolution and Islam? 121
An Islamic Ambiance 124
Muslim Family Camp 125
Arrest 129

Part Three: Debates 133

Chapter Seven: Should There Be an Islam for Europe? 135
Thinking about Riba 137
Different Rules for Different Lands? 143
Confrontations in the Mosque 149
The Transnational Islamic Sphere 153

Chapter Eight: Negotiating across Realms of Justification 157
Between Hal"l and the Hôtel de Ville 158
Why the "Halal" Marriage? 162
Convergence I: From Islam to the Secular 165
The Objectives of Halal Rules for Food 169
Convergence II: From French Civil Law toward
Islamic Practices 173

Chapter Nine: Islamic Spheres in Republican Space 179
Do Religion-Based Associations Impede Integration? 180
Return to School 182
A National Islamic Sphere at Le Bourget 185
On Priorities and Values 188
The Primacy of Secularism 188
"Assimilation Defects" 191
Toward a Pragmatics of Convergence 196

Notes 199
Bibliography 217
Index 227

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File created: 4/21/2017

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