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The Sense of Dissonance:
Accounts of Worth in Economic Life
David Stark

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface xi

Chapter 1: Heterarchy: The Organization of Dissonance 1
Searching Questions 1
For a Sociology of Worth 6
Entrepreneurship at the Overlap 13
Heterarchy 19
A Metaphor for Organization in the Twenty-first Century 27
Worth in Contentious Situations 31

Chapter 2: Work, Worth, and Justice in a Socialist Factory 35
The Partnership as Proof 36
Distributive Justice inside the Partnership 52
Maneuvering across Economies 64
Epilogue 75

Chapter 3: Creative Friction in a New-Media Start-Up 81
An Ecology of Value 84
The Firm and the Project Form 91
Distributing Intelligence 97
Organizing Dissonance 102
Discursive Pragmatism and Bountiful Friction 108
Epilogue 111

Chapter 4: The Cognitive Ecology of an Arbitrage Trading Room 118
Studying Quantitative Finance 120
Arbitrage, or Quantitative Finance in the Search for Qualities 126
The Trading Room as a Space for Associations 130
The Trading Room as an Ecology 135
The Trading Room as a Laboratory 142
The Pursuit of New Properties 151
Epilogue 153

Chapter 5: From Field Research to the Field of Research 163
From Classification to Search 166
From Diversity of Organizations to the Organization of Diversity 175
From Unreflective Taken-for-Granteds to Reflexive Cognition 183
From Shared Understandings to Coordination through
Misunderstanding 190
From Single Ethnographies to the Broader Sites of Situations 195
Reprise 204

Acknowledgments 213
Bibliography 217
Index 239

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File created: 4/21/2017

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