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Fighting for Democracy:
Black Veterans and the Struggle Against White Supremacy in the Postwar South
Christopher S. Parker

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations ix
Preface and Ac knowledgments xi

Military Ser vice and Insurgency 5
Recasting Military Service and Resistance 9
Theory and Method 12
Broader Contributions 13
Plan of the Book 15

CHAPTER 1. War, Military Ser vice, and the Prospect for Change: A Glance at History 18
The Promise of Military Service in the Early American Republic 20
Diminishing Returns and Increasing Militancy, 1876- 1918 29
Fighting on Two Fronts Twice: World War II and the Korean War 40

CHAPTER 2: Military Service and Resistance: Toward a Theory of Black Republicanism 60
The Citizen- Soldier Ideal 62
The Symbolism of Military Ser vice 67
Military Ser vice as a Symbolic Experience 69
Sketching a Belief System for Black Veterans 73
Black Republicanism Defined 79

CHAPTER 3: Taking the Crooked with the Straight: The Pros and Cons of African American Military Experience during the 1940s and'50s 88
A Description of the Data 90
The Crooked: Negative Aspects of Black Veterans' Military Experiences 92
The Straight: Positive Aspects of Black Veterans' Military Experiences 99
Donning the Uniform 107

CHAPTER 4: When Jim Crow Meets Uncle Sam: The Veteran Returns to Dixie 112
White Domination in the 1950s 114
Framing the Meaning of Military Ser vice and Black Republicanism 116
Black Republicanism and National Identification 118
Black Republicanism and Citizenship 122
Expectations of Racial Progress: Service and Sacrifice 127
A Source of Republican Criticism: Military Ser vice and Entitlement 132
From Criticism to Activism 137

CHAPTER 5: Exploring the Attitudinal Consequences
of African American Military Experience 145
Black Veterans' Attitudes toward Southern Traditionalism: Resisting the Status Quo 148
Black Veterans and the Role of the State 157
A Hard Case: Black Veterans' Attitudes toward Segregation 162

CHAPTER 6: Dying to Participate: Political Participation as a Form of Protest 174
Impediments to Black Political Participation in the South 177
Explaining Black Political Participation in the South 179
Political Participation and Risk: Voting versus
Political Activism 181
Modeling Voting and Nonvoting Activism 187
Conclusion: Taps for Jim Crow in the Postwar South 196
Principal Findings 198
The Implications of Fighting for Democracy 203
Future Directions 209

APPENDIX A: Study Description, Coding, Question Wording, and Other Estimates from Chapters 5 and 6 210
Appendix B: Content Analysis of the Chicago Defender 217
Appendix C: Interview Methodology and Material 226
Appendix D: Profi les of Selected Black Veteran Activists 231
References 235
Index 255

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File created: 4/21/2017

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