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Makers of Ancient Strategy:
From the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome
Edited by Victor Davis Hanson

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Contributors vii
Introduction: Makers of Ancient Strategy 1
From the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome
by Victor Davis Hanson

Chapter 1: From Persia with Love 11
Propaganda and Imperial Overreach in the Greco-Persian Wars
by Tom Holland

Chapter 2: Pericles, Thucydides, and the Defense of Empire 31
by Donald Kagan

Chapter 3: Why Fortifications Endure 58
A Case Study of the Walls of Athens during the Classical Period
by David L. Berkey

Chapter 4: Epaminondas the Theban and the Doctrine of Preemptive War 93
by Victor Davis Hanson

Chapter 5: Alexander the Great, Nation Building, and the Creation and Maintenance of Empire 118
by Ian Worthington

Chapter 6: Urban Warfare in the Classical Greek World 138
by John W. I. Lee

Chapter 7: Counterinsurgency and the Enemies of Rome 163
by Susan Mattern

Chapter 8: Slave Wars of Greece and Rome 185
by Barry Strauss

Chapter 9: Julius Caesar and the General as State 206
by Adrian Goldsworthy
10. Holding the Line 227
Frontier Defense and the Later Roman Empire
by Peter J. Heather
Acknowledgments 247
Index 249

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File created: 4/27/2015

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