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A Short History of the Jews
Michael Brenner
Translated by Jeremiah Riemer

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Chapter 1: From Ur to Canaan
A Wandering People 1
Chapter 2: From Exile Back Home
Priests and Prophets 19
Chapter 3: From Hebrew into Greek
Disdain and Admiration 31
Chapter 4: From Modiin to Jerusalem
A Jewish State Stands and Falls 39
Chapter 5: From Jerusalem to Yavneh
The Diaspora Legitimates Itself 55

Chapter 6: From Medina to Baghdad
Under Islamic Rule 69
Chapter 7: From Sura to Cordoba
Sepharad--Jewish Culture on the Iberian Peninsula 83
Chapter 8: From Lucca to Mainz
Ashkenaz--The Roots of Central European Jewry 95
Chapter 9: From Lisbon to Venice
Expulsions and Their Aftermath 117
Chapter 10: From Khaybar to Rome
Messianic and Mystical Movements 137

Chapter 11: From West to East
A New Center in Poland 151
Chapter 12: From Dessau to Berlin
Rural Jews, Court Jews, and Enlightenment Philosophers 167
Chapter 13: From the Ghetto to Civil Society
Political Emancipation and Religious Reform 189
Chapter 14: From Posen to New Orleans
Starting Over in America 209
Chapter 15: From the Shtetl to the Lower East Side
East European Jewish Dreams and American Realities 223

Chapter 16: From Budapest to Tel Aviv
An "Old New Land" in Zion 255
Chapter 17: From Tétouan to Teheran
The Europeanization of Jews in the Islamic World 273
Chapter 18: From Czernowitz to Cerna?ut,i
Political Crisis and Cultural
Florescence between the Wars 287
Chapter 19: From Everywhere to Auschwitz
Annihilation 319
Chapter 20: From Julius Streicher's Farm to the Kibbutz
The Jewish World after the Holocaust 349

Appendix: Jewish History in Numbers 389
Further Reading 393
Picture Credits 401
Index of Names 405
Index of Place Names 415

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File created: 11/11/2014

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